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You can find three kinds of Yahoo; the primary (authentic) Yahoo; the global Yahoo sites; and the local (city) Yahoo sites. Therefore if your site is in, or relates to, a state or region served by one of many other Yahoo indices, the original site is by far the toughest to get in to, you should first attempt to get detailed in...

It costs $300 per year for directory listing in Yahoo. I discovered asea inc by searching Google. Here's yet another eye-roller for you. It usually takes six or eight weeks for Yahoo to process your site.

You will find three kinds of Yahoo; the primary (original) Yahoo; the global Yahoo sites; and the regional (area) Yahoo web sites. So if your site is in, or applies to, a state or region served by among the other Yahoo indexes, the original site is by far the hardest to get into, you must first make an effort to get listed included first. Often it is infectious when you're accepted by one Yahoo list, and you eventually get into all of them.

What you may do don't make an effort to break numerous listing in to Yahoo. I discovered by searching Bing. Don't attempt to make a free software in to a paid category. If they find you, Yahoo will exclude you for a lifetime!

If you wish a listing in the Shopping & Services or Business to Business pieces (either primary or local) of Yahoo, you now should use Yahoo's \Business Express\ distribution solution. You pay $299 ($600 for adult sites) and get a quick yes or no to your request. When you're approved keep in mind that you've ahead up with the same amount of cash every year to stay in the index. Learn more on a related website by browsing to the guide to asea water. Also to make this more crazy-making, paying money doesn't guarantee a listing! That is why it's therefore important that you craft an excellent distribution. If you are concerned with reading, you will maybe need to learn about thumbnail. Also, don't even think of submitting to moody old Yahoo if your internet site is not a century up and running. That \under construction.\

Remember that you may still submit non-commercial sites to Yahoo for free as long as you don't submit them to the Business with their Business or Shopping & Services parts of Yahoo!

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