Get Help from the Skilled Cloud Infrastructure Service Provider

iNodeCloud is the leader in providing you with cloud computing services in  Australia. It hosts your website on the best IAAS provider in the world which is Amazon servers. Its servers are hosted in Australia and you can be assured that your data is kept safe and secure all the time.iNodeCloud aspires to provide cloud computing services which are up to the standards. Amazon hosting Australia is where the company trustsits servers to be hosted since it's reliable and convenient and provides an uptime of 99.99%. You can be sure that your company or business cannot be brought to a halt because of breakdown of cloud computing servers at Amazon.iNodeCloud also provides you with a Multi-AZ Redundancy, therefore you will have multiple available zones across multiple servers. These will relate to the fact that Amazon hosting Australia will enable you to have complete reliability at all times and hence your business will be up and running just at the comfort of your control panel.

iNodeCloud is the best and skilled cloud infrastructure service provider coupled with application migration. AWS managed service Australia strives to provide cloud computing services which no other partner can compete with in provision. At iNodeCloud the aim is to be the best provider in the market.The company strives to deliver customers a service that is valuable to their costs by offering proactive monitoring of their status, management of the customer’s environment and automation. AWS managed service Australia also checks the general health of your infrastructure resources and handles the daily hitches by resolving them automatically. At iNode Cloud, in case of an EC2 instance failure,AWS nagged service will automatically realize there is a failure and it will launch another instance and immediately take the best option in order to reduce or permanently avoid any service interruption from occurring again. iNodeCloud takes your security seriously and takes the action to secure your information from being accessed by any other third party. AWS managed service protects your information as an asset and hence your infrastructure will be secure. The company has anti-malware protection, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems and therefore AWS managed services can automatically respond to any forced intrusion.

At iNode Cloud believes in providing its customers with reliable support which they can access without any limits. AWS Support Australia doesn't discriminate whether you are in Basic, Developer, Business or Enterpriseplan, it provides you with 24x7 access to customer service, documentation, whitepapers, and support forums. Therefore,it’s reliable and convenient whenever you have a technical hitch in your business. If you want to access technical support and additional support resources, AWS Support Australia has plans which fit any business' unique needs. For example ,for support in Health status and Notifications both Basic and Developer have access to Personal Health Dashboard support while both Business and Enterprise have access to Personal Health Dashboard & Health API support. Here both Business and Enterprise have an upper hand since they can access the Health API where both Basic and Developer do not have access.