Germany's Merkel Urges Turkish Pm To Show Restraint In German Speech | Reuters

I assume he knows how sensitive this event is, especially this time, and that he will act responsibly," Merkel said, according to an advance copy of an interview due to be published in the German newspaper Saarbruecker Zeitung on Friday. Erdogan's fiery, patriotic speeches to Turkish audiences in Germany have frequently caused controversy. see page In 2008, he told them not to assimilate and called visit the website for Turkish-language schools. An estimated 2 million Turkish citizens living in Germany have a right to vote in Turkish elections, and Erdogan would want their support if he stands for president. Another 1 million people of Turkish origin have become German citizens. Merkel said: "The German government is concerned about some developments in Turkey such as actions against demonstrators, attacks on social networks and the situation visit our website for Christians." But she said it was nonetheless "undeniable" that Turkey had made a lot of progress economically under Erdogan, adding that the country's relationships with minority Kurds had also improved. More: