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Oh, dear. Everyone knew it was coming. Sarah Palin's reality show "Sarah Palin's Alaska" will debut on TLC in less than a month. How real will this reality show really be? "Sarah Palin's Alaska" The Los Angeles Times had a scathing article a day or so ago in which the author went as far as to suggest Jillian Michaels is a fraud, and merely an actress who isn't teaching proper fitness fundamentals.Continue Reading Continue Reading Continue Reading Continue Reading Continue Reading Back-off of my hair Tom Brady! That is the sentiment of Pop star, Justin Bieber in discussing the New England Patriots' Quarterbacks hair-do. Let's get this straight: little pip-squeakMTV host and BMX star, T.J. Lavin, is at University Medical Center in Las Vegas and has been placed in a medically induced coma after a crash at a BMX event on Thursday night. In the video belowContinue Reading Dysfunctional family patriarch, Michael Lohan, is, as always, keeping us apprised of his and his family's situation. Not that anything really. Read creator brooke russell's blog sites on SITE TOPIC GOES HERE - - - - - changes very much. It seems like just yesterday that LohanWith October being NationalBreast Cancer Awareness Month, many celebrities are out and about helping the cause. On October 13, QVC presented the FFANY (Fashion Footwear Association of New York)Katy Perry on the Prowl with 'Purr' Perfume Katy Perry is not shy when it comes to out of the ordinary outfits, nor is it to anyone's surprise that she is the model for her newContinue Reading Continue Reading On Thursday's episode of "The View" things got heated and Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off the set. Bill O'Reilly, who appeared as a guest on the show, sparked some tension when he said MuslimsContinue Reading Rapper T.I. does a good deed, but can it save him from going back to jail? On Wednesday T.I. saved an unknown man from committing suicide. The ATL rapper overheard about the man's suicidal attempt onBrett Favre, who is in the middle of a huge sexting scandal recently took a hard shot to the groin with football during Vikings practice. The NFL quarterback, who says he will play on Sunday might beContinue Reading