Garden of Tumors

Same day. Different time. Different thoughts.
This morning I went to the hospital for a three hour MRI and visit with my neuro-oncologist. If you ever want to see if you are claustrophobia, go get an MRI that lasts for several hours. That is like sitting in an oven!
Well, upon visiting my doctor, I found out that my tumors have spread to my brain stem and upper spine. Not what I wanted to hear. At this point, it is too early to know whether or not the tumors mean anything. This is the first time in the last ten years that the doctors have looked for tumors in my spine. I guess there is no way to know now how long the new ones have been there. The doctor said we have to just monitor the new ones to see if they grow. I don't know if the tumors are impacting me. I have these subtle electrical shocks that go through my body and a few other odd things that have been happening for a while. They are random but repeatable - just don't when it will happen again. 
Now I just continue on and wait and hope. Today's science is incredible. I think that even if the tumors are growing, there is probably a good treatment plan. It's just how effective it will be. 
I am not going to sit here and worry about it. All I can do is watch.
Going to bed now. Good night.