Fun Team Building Activities for the Workplace

Apart from home, a working professional spends most of his time in the workplace. Though you enjoy your work, there can be nothing more lackluster than a boring, dull working environment. Assuming this to be the prevalent situation in most workplaces, team building has become a necessity for better productivity and motivation of employees. It is not only important for improving the overall productivity of the team, but also to improve workplace communication, group skills, and develop team bonding.Advantages of Team Building ActivitiesThe benefits of workplace activities dedicated to build a strong team are so significant that many offices have included this in their training curriculum. Though the main objective is to improve production and motivate the employees, there are several other benefits like:
Improves morale
Identifies one's leadership skills
Improves problem-solving skills
Identifies strengths and weaknesses
Taps creativity and hidden potential
Makes the objectives and goals clearer
Improves productivity of the organization
Team Building Games for the WorkplaceHere are two games, which will help create a unified, cohesive, and committed group at the workplace. I am an AmnesiacSit in a group and take turns to participate and act as an amnesiac. The participant sits in the middle and pretends not to remember their recent past. The participant can ask questions like What is my favorite drink?, What do I dislike?, etc. Other people in the group answer his questions, thus helping the "amnesiac" to remember. This game is fun, as people get to know some fun things about the participant. This game can get quite humorous at times, and is a great indoor team building game.All AboardThis game is meant for a team of twenty people or more. Take a large sheet of paper or plastic and spread it on the floor. Make everyone in the group stand above the sheet. Fold the sheet in half and ask the group again to stand on the folded sheet. Repeat this till the sheet is small enough to hold just half the team. Just keep in mind, this is not a competition where we declare the ones left standing on the sheet as the winner. The winner is the whole team which manages to support and balance each other in the sheet. If anyone falls out of the sheet, the team loses. Hence, it is a lot of fun to see the amount of teamwork and cooperation, amidst the commotion; it also gives an insight into their team building techniques and skills.More Ideas for the WorkplaceApart from games, these two activities are an instant hit and enjoyable activities for the workplace.PotluckA great way to have fun with your team is by sharing each others' delicacies. Everyone enjoys a wholesome meal, a rarity in a workplace. So potluck is a great way to share your favorite dish with your teammates. Here the group makes a list of items, and each member selects one item from the list. If a few team members do not have the convenience of cooking, then there is always the option of buying cold drinks or an ice-cream treat after the potluck lunch.Team OutingA team picnic or going bowling, go-karting, or playing baseball games can be a huge stress busters. It need not necessarily be an expensive outing, it is the quality time spent with the team members that creates the bonding.CharityThere is no better activity for building a team, than getting together for a good cause. Choose from a list of charity events and a cause that most of the team members believe in. Collect donations from your family and friends, or organize events to collect funds to donate to the charity organization. If you do not want to give monetary help, then you can organize a visit to an old age home on a weekend and volunteer.One must always remember, just organizing a team activity does not guarantee success. Organizing interesting activities for the workplace at least weekly or monthly, to keep the employees motivated and focused, is the key. For effective team building, it is also important to identify the issues and plan an activity to tackle this issue. If there no issues, then plan activities to maintain and improve performance, but always avoid making these exercises competitive. href='' - -