Fun Motivational Violin Children's Book to Cure the Practice Blues 22:09 December 22, 2014

Finally, there is an answer for all of those frustrated parents and teachers who struggle to get their children and students to practice on their musical instruments: "The Amazing Incredible Shrinking - The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Violin - Violin by Thornton Cline. It is a fun, motivational and heartwarming book for kids beautifully illustrated by award-winning artist, Susan Oliver told with a positive, non-preachy message: it you don't use it, you lose it.
"There are no books quite like this one. This book has three books in one: a picture book, an audio narrated book with pre-recorded by a children's choir with violin, and 10 original songs with words to sing or play." says Thornton Cline, the author.
The story was written based on a true story. Cline, a certified, registered Suzuki violin teacher with the Suzuki Association of Americas was teaching a younger student one day at Sumner Academy in Gallatin, Tennessee. Cline commented to the student about how small her violin was getting because she was outgrowing the instrument. The comment spurred a magical idea about a student who never practices his violin and is visited by a violin fairy who warns