Fulfill Your Psychology Continuing Education Credits Online

There are number of “helper” professions. Doctors and nurses help people stay healthy and care for them when they are ill. Child Care providers help young kids grow into well-adjusted teens. And those who care for the elderly give the gift of love at the end of life.
But psychologists often have the most challenging job of all. You are charged with caring for someone’s mind. On a daily basis you talk with people struggling from a variety of mental conditions, and you’re expected to adopt the right facial expression, say the right thing, and know when a line has been crossed requiring you to report what’s been said.
Staying up to date with your continuing education in psychology is vital. Research is constantly shedding light on new ways that societal tendencies are creating new issues, in both the already mentally challenged and those who are simply overwhelmed by life.

In-Person Courses

If you are a face-to-face type learner, you can sign up for continuing education psychology courses and engage with your peers. Attending seminars in a live setting allows you to fully focus on the topics at hand. You can leave your home life at the door of the hotel, creating an environment for long-term learning.

Online Courses

If you prefer online courses, you do have more options. You can hand pick the topic you’d like to learn about and scroll through multiple time options that best meet your schedule. However, unless you have a supremely quiet space at home, you may want to consider visiting a library, or another local space with wifi so you can focus on the class, uninterrupted.

Earning Continuing Education Credits

Most participants will want to apply their attendance to their required continuing education units (ceu’s). This is easily done, but it does take a bit of time to set up, so don’t wait until the last minute to apply.Depending on the state you practice in and the seminar company, you’ll need to send in paperwork for psychology ceu's up to six weeks in advance for your course completion to count.

Psychologists and More

Live and online continuing education is available for many of the helper professions. Learn more about these courses, then sign up if you are a:
• Psychologist
• Social worker
• Marriage and family therapist
• Professional counselor
• Educational psychologist
• Registered nurse

Sign up for continuing education psychology courses online or live. You’ll learn the most current teachings, earn continuing education credits, and know your patients will reap the benefits.