Fuji Finepix s2950 vs s2980 Bridge Camera Comparison

The FujiFilm S100fs - a snapshot reviewgoing to get it. Ok, get on with the list, right? The design of the Fujifilm FinePix HS20EXR is similar to a small sized SLR-type camera.http://www.walmart.com/tp/fujifilm what is the best cameraFujifilm X-M11080p HD Movie recording (30fps) 14-megapixel sensorThe aperture priority mode (A or AV) is the best way to achieve a blurred background in photo. On the face of it, these two cameras seem very similar, the Finepix s2950 being the 2980's predecessor. They both have similar looks (practically identical looks!) and a similar spec. and a similar price point, so which is better?There are even special settings for shooting in the snow and for taking pictures of fireworks! If you want to take a more active and manual role in the settings of your photos, you can set the aperture and speed yourself.You can also have fun playing with color options by selectively picking one color and turning the rest of the photo to B&W with the partial color filter. You can choose to retain red, purple, orange, green, blue or yellow and the camera automatically turns all the other colors to shades of black and white. Want even more? Check out my personal websites:The Nightly SkyBodzash Photography & Astronomy