From Adult Film Star to Inmate number 146418. The highs and lows of Timothy J. Boham

August 31st, 2011- Timothy John Boham turned 30, on May 27th, his fifth birthday behind bars. Yes he was sent to do real time at the age of 25. How did this happen one may ask? He grew up in a small town with a few thousand people outside of Omaha, Nebraska to an extremely religious mother, and an abusive vindictive father. By his own admission, " I felt like the religion was being crammed down my throat, every day, all the time. When it wasn't religion it was a belt and being belittled and beaten, it was just a horrible childhood I had, wouldn't wish it on anyone." Tim's father died in a truck driving accident when he was 13. He, along with older sister Kathrynne joined their mother, Susan who remarried a man from Denver. After Susan's marriage the family relocated to Denver.Tim, who goes by his middle name of John, to everyone including his family and close friends, found Denver more exciting then his prior small town existence. He found work as a model, and barely graduated from high school. He was a father by the time he was 19, the child's mother was said to be a drug addict and died during child birth. A long custody battle would ensue for his young daughter, until the time of his 2006 arrest. His co-workers and friends at Maxium Talent Agency in Denver, kept telling Boham to get anywhere professionally he should move to either New York or Los Angeles, Boham headed west, and landed in the Los Angeles area of West Hollywood. A chance encounter with Chi Chi La Rue, would irrevocably change Boham's life forever. La Rue, one of the most prolific gay porn producers in the world, easily convinced Boham that his life would be so much better, if he just "performed for money". Of his decisions to acquiesce. Tim said " I literally gave myself six months to make it in Los Angeles , or I would go back to Denver. I had three days left. I was hungry and tired, and had a kid to feed, there just weren't many choices left" Boham performed under the stage name of 'Marcus Allen'. When asked where and how the name came about, he said "boy he could play football, I wanted to be him do my thing, make some money and retire".Boham made dozens of gay and to the surprise of many, some straight adult films with one of the leading adult film studios 'Falcon Films'. Boham led a double life, he would go to Los Angeles, do his films for about two weeks every other month, and then return home to Denver and his life as a single father,his family did not know he was an adult film star, and star he was. In only three years he made the cover of the adult film magazine "Freshman Magazine", and won several porn 'best actor' awards. Of his decision to leave the adult film industry at the - Teddi Rae - age of 23 he said, "I looked in the mirror one day, as I was shaving to go to the set. I thought this is me, this is it? I would be way more proud to tell my daughter I worked at McDonald's, then to say, I have sex on film for money. Then and there, I packed and drove to Denver, and never looked back."Now back in Denver in 2004, Boham had to find work, he modeled again, but no more adult films. Tired of modeling, he started looking for what he termed "straight work". He encountered J.P. Kelso, who was 41 and openly gay, Kelso, owned 'Professional Recovery Systems, a collection agency in downtown Denver. Boham, started working for Kelso, at the collection agency, but it was a job, that Boham couldn't or wouldn't do, so again he got up and left for good. There are variations on the exact details of the beginning and ending of this crime depending on who is telling the tale. Kelso was found with a bullet in the back of his head, in his bathtub, His maid found him at his very exclusive million dollar plus home, and notified police. Before any suspects were named, the circulating reports were, that Kelso was killed during a robbery at his home on November 11th, 2006.I was told he was dead by a mutual friend of ours, before anyone was arrested for his murder. Was I surprised? No, not at all, I can not think of a single person that actually liked John Paul Kelso. He owned a collection agency, and even by Denver standards, he was quite the flashy type, complete with a custom made Bentley, and a different Rolex on his wrist every day. Denver is not LA, Bentley's, Rolls Royce's, you see them a lot in Southern, CA, enough that most people do not tend to notice. In Denver, they are very noticeable. I actually did some legal work for him at his downtown Denver office, years before, he encountered the former adult film star. I too, got up and left, no money in the world was worth the treatment I received. No one should die with a bullet in their head, alone and afraid. I would never condone, the taking of any one's life, however, we should all be very careful of the way we treat others, if there is a lesson to be learned from this sad tragic tale, it should be that. For all it takes is making one wrong person mad enough to pull a trigger. After all, Tim may have been a porno star, two years prior to Kelso's murder. He wasn't on the day the two met, he was polite to a fault, He was smart, and could be any-one's brother, son, etc. A cold calculated killer with no remorse? If I would have met him on the street, I would have never thought that, not in a million years.When it was announced that a suspect was at large, and that he was 25 and an adult film star, I did the very simple mathematics that was involved in that equation, and came up with an answer very quickly. However, if someone was talking, I wanted to hear the story first hand. So I waited patiently. Boham was arrested, after he turned himself in before entering, Mexico, from the Arizona boarder. He was extradited to Denver, and held without bail at the Denver County Jail on Smith Road. I contacted him, to let him know that, he needed some serious damage control, and he agreed to a legal visit. I talked to his mother Susan Strong before I visited him. She kept referring to him as "John", I read all the police reports and examined Kelso's autopsy.When I went to visit, Tim, the first thing I said to him was " Just one thing, can I call you Tim? J.P is referred to as John in a lot of the reports, Tim will be a lot easier." He said," Call me whatever you want, except porno star, that's the least of my problems". The kid had a sense of humor, and he was a kid, a scared, tall, skinny, kid. He was terrified of being in there, It was all over the news that the "porno star" had been arrested for killing the "philanthropist" and overall great guy, J.P. Very noticeable to me, was he was so polite, his small town mid-western upbringing perhaps. You wouldn't necessarily think of a male porno star as being polite, but he was and he still is. I asked him if he was always this polite, he said that manners were always stressed in his house when he was growing up. I suppose he did some research on me, as he kept asking me what death rows were like. I told him to think positive, and lets talk about why J.P. was found with a bullet in the back of head, and you are being accused of putting the bullet there. To make a long story short, Tim was convicted of Kelso's first degree murder, and sentenced to life without parole or more commonly referred to in certain quarters as 'LWOP'.For much more on this story, please get a copy of "Intended For Mature Audiences" The Rise and Deadly Spiral of Adult Film Star Timothy J. Boham By: Donna Thomas