Fresh DLC Coming to Journey of Exile in PC and Xbox live One

PC provides the new content 1st, Xbox One could be a week later

Appears to be the development team over at Grinding Gear Online games never stop working. Following bringing their action-RPG title, Path of Exile, to the Xbox 360 game One in August, they have perhaps a big, free update/expansion planned to arrive in the future for the PC, and after that the Xbox Just one after that.

Titled "War for the Atlas, cheap poe items,micron the DLC will probably add new endgame content that jobs players with fighting a new threat. In case you are unfamiliar with Path associated with Exile, the "Atlas of Worlds" is actually a map system that enables players to face new (randomized) challenges when they've completed the key game. That complete system was included in the "Atlas regarding Worlds" DLC this past year, and this year, with "War for the Atlas, in players will find brand new challenges. Two makes, the Shaper as well as the Elder, are eager for control within the Atlas of Realms and players could, essentially, be found in the middle. What this means, so far as in-game content should go, is players should be able to battle for both force and allow that will side to control many map. If the Parent controls more, he'll create new companies and, eventually, seem on the map as being a new boss come across. It's a pretty exciting idea/concept.

Here are the particular specifics for what will probably be added when the DLC arrives on January for the PC (and probably a week afterwards for the Xbox One):

32 new routes to the Atlas involving Worlds

4 fresh Skill Gems in addition to 6 new Help Gems

50 brand-new unique items

The particular Abyss Challenge Little league - Fight invaders that spill on from the underworld under your feet as you quest across Wraeclast. Poe items for sale.Declare valuable new Hades Jewels to tailor-make your characters plus items in new ways.

Path of Exil is available on COMPUTER and Xbox A person. It is a free-to-play online game with most of it is money purchases getting focused on cosmetics (there are inventory expansions available to buy). That supports up to half a dozen players online through the campaign and endgame activities.