Free PSN Codes (No Generator Spam & No Survey) | October 2018

Who does not like free things, right? Specifically, if you do not use the free psn code list 2018, you are in the right place. Most gaming enthusiasts cannot afford to buy new games every week. Well, when I was in my lecture and on my side PS3, I went through that phase. Life changed when my friends told me about free PSN (visit codes and how to get them!

I loved to share these wonderful tricks with you. So let's not start a survey with PSN codes.

However, you must remember that nothing in this world is not free, unless you still believe in Santa Claus.

How do I get free PSN codes?

To get free PSN codes, you must legally read and complete at least one or two of them. We keep an eye on the available methods, do not worry.

11 legal ways to earn free PSN codes

To get all free PSN codes, you have different tasks and offers on different websites and platforms. But you do not have to invest money in tricks, so it's completely free. You only have to invest a little time and effort.

We have done research on the internet and about 11 PSN codes are bundled without problems. Just give the one after the other and get the code you want.

Method # 1 Free survey on the generation of PSN codes

To get PSN codes for free, click the "Claim your free PSN codes" After the code is generated, you copy and redeem the code. However, it will take some time to load the code from the database. Be patient until that time.

Note: - If the code does not work, recreate it. Because we have a limited number of codes so that we can use it by other users.

Method #2 Using Playstation’s Official Network

I'm not joking! Even when I was aware of this, I was reckless. PSN code for PSN Plus is safe. You can do this by signing up for services.

You have direct access to all services for 14 days. In addition, you will enjoy the effects of the PlayStation Plus network. You can register on the network with the official page.

But there is a catch! You must link your credit card information to the PlayStation account. Moreover, if you are a teenager, you should also explain it to your parents. Even after a 14-day trial period (such as Netfix), the company reduces costs for PSN Plus memberships.

So you have to take money for membership. This is the price, so you can get PSN Plus and PSN codes.

Membership (prices until 15 February 2018)

$ 50.95 for an American partnership and a partnership for 12 months for £ 28.95.

2 years of British PSN Plus membership for US $ 99.95 and £ 74.95 for US participation.

US $ 26.95 for partnerships and £ 14.95 for PSN Plus membership for 3 months US.

You can find more details about the cheapest PSN Plus membership, according to your country's official PlayStation website.

Method # 3 GPT for free PSN codes Use websites

The first thing on our list is PSN codes. So there are dozens of GTPs. (Websites of return points such as PointPrizes and swagbucks) that offer free and easy routes for PSN codes online.

List of the best websites with reward points

  1. Mypoints

  2. GrabPoints

  3. Pointsprizes

  4. Swagbucks

  5. Prizerebel

How does the prize pool work?

If you do not know what these websites are, the award points are GPT. Websites are platforms where you have to perform certain tasks, such as completing an offer, and sending your e-mail to different e-mail newsletters. The most popular and efficient work is to fill in the online survey form.

Websites such as Swagbucks and Grabpoints track your daily progress and credit points in your account.

When you collect enough points, you can easily change them for free PSN codes. Not only this, you can also receive Xbox live codes and free Google Play codes.

How much time is needed to get PSN gift cards?

It depends on the number of tasks you perform every day. Now most offers on these websites are simple and clear. So if you complete 10-15 offers every day. For free PSN codes of $ 20-25 you can earn enough coins within 2-3 days.

For people living in the United States, Canada or Europe, you can enjoy many offers and works that are sponsored by the major countries of thousands of countries.

Do I have to provide my credit card details?

Of course not! You do not need to enter information about your payment details on any website. Moreover, you do not need to download a child or software to receive free PSN codes.

However, some websites may ask you to download their app for mobile access, but it is only for your well-being. Swagbucks has offered free DLC by earning points on the Swagbucks.

This way you can buy directly in the PlayStation Store. By the way, if you also manage PSN codes, you can get the full game for free.

If you have problems or problems with PSN codes, you can contact the support team or all the websites with reward points.

Important: - If you use these websites from countries such as the United States, Canada, the UK, Northern Europe or Australia, there are more offers available to you.

Method # 4 Free PSN code Giveaway 2018 Websites

Now there are many technical channels and websites from YouTube (visit, such as Twitter or ambitious social media platforms such as Twitter or Desire or PSN codes or other gift cards. What you need to do is enter the included solution that starts with subscribing to their channel or following them on social media.

The most common is unbox therapy and Marques Browlee who offers or organizes technical gadgets. Not limited to the given PSN codes. Recently MKHD had 5 million subscribers, such as 5 iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 6.

So look for such offers in their video. If you also want to increase your chances of winning the code, follow the hosting hosted by game channels on YouTube. If you like Fort Nite, Fortnight VBucks on our website is a great guide to go online. Look at it.

If given by the channels or a legitimate company, the chances of winning are greater because it is an active community. You can find the previous winners and get information if it is correct.

You can also find the list of debts listed on the /r/giveaways subreddit which we will discuss later in the next section.

How do you get free PSN codes on Giveaway sites?

Because we do not want to waste a big subsidiary at any time, you can try out our special tricks that work every time, and you need Google and some working minds!

Because we do not know the advanced possibilities. Today we will teach you how to use PSN codes on the web.

Once you've selected target goals, simply copy their URL and go to Google.

Type the following line in the search bar:


Just like you want to find free PSN codes online in Google Search

By addressing such tasks, you help Google to find specific keywords ("PSN codes" in this case) on a specific website. If you are unsuccessful, you can change your keyword.

You can start with the following sub-reddit links:

Important note:

Look for the latest messages as search results. You do not want to be excited for a 2-year holiday, right?

We tried 'free PSN codes', 'PlayStation gift cards', 'PlayStation Codes' without success, because most of the payment was in recent years.

However, you should also view these sites and results in Black Friday Cell, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. Most free PSN codes are discarded as losing free gift cards and websites around Christmas.

Method # 5 Codes Exchange Online Platforms

If you are lucky enough to be able to ask PSN Codes, and actually have a real community websites.

Two good websites mentioned below:

Method # 6 Tip: how to get more free PSN codes?

There are websites like PointsPrizes and Swagbucks referral programs that allow some extra points. You simply invite users through referral links.

Some websites offer commission as a referral reward (10% of total revenue).

Trick - create two different accounts for each website and refer to the Reward Points. In addition, the Commission points to the use of free PSN codes.

Method # 7 Free PSN Codes List 2018

We add five free PSN code below per day. But the amount can be used as soon as possible if they are added to lower prices, is the message. Complete each Codes Test your luck and free list psn codes.

If they are not redeemable, then try to reach on our website ASAP. In addition, some PSN Codes Code List the United Kingdom and some US PSN Codes list.







How can I redeem free PSN Codes?

Just follow the step by step guide mentioned below:

  • Go to the Settings menu available on PlayStation Network.

  • Select account data network.

  • Funds then add to your wallet and go and press X.

  • There you select Redeem code.

  • Now you just have to enter the code and then proceed carefully.

As a result, they are free and easy to use and store.

Look! Online Fake websites free PSN Codes

PlayStation officials also gave a rigid guide to enable their users to avoid these users.

Scams: Free PSN Codes generator and hack Websites

Real free PSN codes we will talk about in a minute, but first let us consider the generator website scam.

Generally these sites will promise many articles that can undo a unique free PSN code from scratch or nothing, and they will also hack the PlayStation servers for you!

This online scam begins when you press the "Access Online Generator" button. After entering your game login details, the website will display some live feed from "Generation Progress". It usually happens as follows:

  • Contact the generator server.

  • Decoding of coding

  • Access to Database

  • Synchronization code key.

  • Download with a secure proxy.

The website will then display a number of incomplete or obscure free PSN codes. Now the real setback begins here. The website then asks you to fill in a captcha and "perform a human check". And now you are asked to complete a selection of online offers that are usually filled with surveys or application downloads.

If you're simply stupid with your $ 20 + plus Play plus codes, the site's owners will make a few $ 1-2.

These sites often seem very reliable to feed your wishful thinking. They also have fake chat boxes with robots and fake comments and reviews.

What is it for us?

We only show ads on our website and hosted links to third parties and that's it. Almost every site has ads and does not sponsor any of our pop-ups or infiltrations.

So you can read all informative messages and click on the ads to continue to our house. Discover all the legal ways to get free steam wallet codes, free Xbox Live codes, free 8-ball pool coins, free rouks, etc.

No download is required

Most of the methods hosted on our site are based on third-party websites. Therefore, you do not need to download software to get Play Station network codes. We take this into account for the security and privacy risks. So every process can be done online.

A wide range of available maps

By performing various tasks and following all the steps, you can quickly earn free PSN codes. If you pay enough attention, they are also worth $ 10, $ 20 and $ 50 PSN codes.

Globe support and compatibility

Do not be sad to find PSN code that does not work in your country. That is why we have dealt with all methods that are 100% operational in almost 71 countries. The top countries in the list are the US, the UK, Germany, Spain, etc. If you also travel or switch frequently, you can use the first stroke.

No malware

Besides the tricks our team also ensures that you do not have to worry about malware or viruses. Every day hundreds of users use and maintain it by an active team, Prislava is as clean as it is.

Last words

So, it was all about how you could legally obtain free PSN codes. All important working methods are mentioned in the post. If you follow everyone completely, you will receive free PSN codes for you at any time.

In addition, Free CNN Codes Schedule 2018 is not used in method 7. So if you have not been redeemed by other readers on our website, you can use the codes.

Share your opinion and let us know if you know another basic way. With the right credit for the contribution we will certainly publish in our post. You can also view our section on social media with popular messages such as free Instagram (visit followers.