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ringing the bell. I access been too busy

to anticipate of food, and I am acceptable to be busier still

this evening. By the way, Doctor, I shall appetite your


I shall be delighted.

You dont apperception breaking the law?

Not in the least.

Nor alive a adventitious of arrest?

Not in a acceptable cause.

Oh, the could could cause is excellent!

Then I am your man.

I was abiding that I adeptness await on you.

But what is it you wish?

When Mrs. Turner has brought in the tray I

will accomplish it ablaze to you. Now, he said as he

turned hungrily on the simple book that our landlady

had provided, I access to altercate it while I eat,

for I access not abundant time. It is about 5 now. In

two hours we access to be on the arena of action. Miss

Irene, or Madame, rather, allotment from her drive at

seven. We access to be at Briony Lodge to accommodated her.

And what then?

You access to leave that to me. I access already arranged

what is to occur. There is abandoned one point on

which I access to insist. You access to not interfere, come

what may. You understand?

I am to be neutral?

To do annihilation whatever. There will probably

be some babyish unpleasantness. Do not accompany in it.

It will end in my accepting conveyed into the house.

Four or 5 annual afterwards the sitting-room

window will open. You are to base yourself close

to that accessible window.


You are to watch me, for I will be arresting to



And if I accession my handsoyou will

throw into the allowance what I accord you to throw, and

will, at the aforementioned time, accession the cry of fire. You

quite chase me?


It is annihilation actual formidable, he said, taking

a affiliated cigar-shaped cycle from his pocket. It is an

ordinary plumbers smoke-rocket, adapted with a cap

at either end to accomplish it self-lighting. Your arrangement is

confined to that. If you accession your cry of fire, it

will be taken up by in actuality a bulk of people. You

may afresh airing to the end of the street, and I will

rejoin you in ten minutes. I achievement that I access made

myself clear?

I am to abide neutral, to get abreast the window,

to watch you, and at the arresting to bandy in this

object, afresh to accession the cry of fire, and to delay you

at the bend of the street.


Then you may in actuality await on me.

That is excellent. I think, perhaps, it is almost

time that I adapt for the new role I access to play.

He abolished into his bedchamber and returned

in a few annual in the actualization of an amiable

and addled Nonconformist clergyman. His

broad atramentous hat, his billowing trousers, his white tie,

his affectionate smile, and accepted accessory of peering

and benevolent concern were such as Mr. John

Hare abandoned could access equalled. It was not merely

that Holmes afflicted his costume. His expression,

his manner, his actual body seemed to alter with every

fresh allotment that he assumed. The date absent a fine

actor, even as science absent an astute reasoner, when

he became a specialist in crime.

It was a division able six if we larboard Baker

Street, and it still basic ten annual to the hour

when we activate ourselves in Serpentine Avenue. It

was already dusk, and the lamps were just being


A Aspersion in Bohemia

lighted as we paced up and down in foreground of Briony

Rewritten Article

Five Abbreviate Stories

Alphonse Daudet

The Harvard Abstract Shelf of Fiction, Vol. XIII, Allotment 4.

Selected by Charles William Eliot

Copyright 2001, Inc.

Bibliographic Record


Biographical Note

Criticisms and Interpretations

I. By Henry


II. By George Pellissier

1. The Annoy of Berlin

2. The Endure ClassThe Adventure of a Little Alsatian

3. The Adolescent Spy

4. The

Game of Billiards

5. The Bad Zouave

Biographical Note

ALPHONSE DAUDET was built-in at Nmes in the south of France on May 13, 1840.

His ancestor was an

unsuccessful cottony manufacturer, and his adolescence was far from happy. Afterwards a aeon of ancestry at

Lyons, he

became at sixteen conductor in a school, but afore the end of the afterward year he alone a

profession in which he begin

only misery. Traveling up to Paris he abutting his age-old brother, Ernest, who was

then aggravating to get a ballast in journalism. At

eighteen he arise a aggregate of poems, Les

Amoureuses, wrote for the Figaro, and began experimenting with playwriting.

He admiring the

attention of the Duc de Morny, who fabricated him one of his secretaries and in assorted agency helped him to a


in life.

His aboriginal notable success came in 1866 with his Lettres de mon Moulin, a alternation of sketches and

stories of abundant

charm and delicacy, and this wa