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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy can't I log in anymore? We are making some behind-the-scenes technical improvements to the CNN Games site, and logging in is temporarily disabled. We know tracking your progress is a fun part of playing our games, so we're working hard to bring this back as soon as possible. You can expect to see this feature return within the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience! Sometimes a game doesn't fit into my screen. How can I see the entire game without scrolling?You may need to adjust your computer monitor settings. If your computer monitor is set at 800x600 pixels or less, you may not be able to see the entire screen.On Windows computers, right click on your desktop and select Properties. Then select Display Properties. Set your monitor to be a minimum of 1024x768.On Apple computers, visit Display Properties and set the resolution for a minimum of 1024x768.The game I want to play seems to load, but nothing happens. How can I start the game?You may need to update the Flash player software that powers our free online games. The player is free and it only takes a minute or two to download. To update your free Flash player software, please visit Adobe's website here: best results, you may need to quit and reopen your browser or restart your computer after installation.What do I do if I am still having trouble accessing a game?If you have already updated your free Flash player software and have restarted your computer, it is most likely that the game problems you're experiencing are caused by an issue with your current Flash player.If you are having trouble, the first step is to uninstall and re-install a clean copy of the Adobe Flash Player.Lifetime Points show the total number of points you've earned since registering on the games arena.Where can I find my points?Points can be viewed directly from your profile page. You can only gain and view your points by being logged-in to your account. If you have a high score, your points will also be reflected in the leaderboard.How do I gain more points?The more you play, the more you get! Continue to play games and gain high scores - the points will follow!What are badges?Badges are special emblems indicating a special skill or accomplishment awarded to you for various activities on the games arena. You can find - - a full list of all available badges on your profile page.How do I earn badges?Badges are awarded for:Playing games and earning a certain amount of points;Getting a high score on the leaderboard for a certain period of time;Sharing scores on Facebook;Rating the games;Visiting arena on the regular basis;Etc.Note: You must be logged-in in order to earn badges.Who can see my points? Who can - - see my badges?Anyone can see your points and badges on your profile page by clicking your name/username in the leaderboard. If you send your profile link to another user, they can access this information from there as well.Contact UsStill not working?To report a bug, you can submit a form. A detailed message will help us understand and fix the problem you are reporting. Please include the name of the game and describe what you see when you experience the problem. You can also upload a screenshot to help us identify the problem faster. For instructions, check this site: