Days I am strong
I can solve my life's challenges
But when I am weak
I am oh so fragile
I feel pieces of me 
like leaves in the water
I want my strength back
but I cannot reach it
I know that 
this too shall pass
but in my moments 
of sadness 
and despair
I am fragile
I feel alone
reaching out
as if to hold onto 
the life I thought I had
but it was never there
I pretend
to be held
and comforted from
the strangeness
of this new world
but yet
in a crowded space
I will gain my strength
from within
I will gather myself up
I will reach out
and someday
I will



wow (again), Katie, it\'s beautiful

*hugs* we all NEED to find the strength within, but it\'s
still nice to have friends for encouragement

Kate....did you somehow shrink yourself and crawl into my heart and mind and gather up the thoughts there? I felt such a strong connection to these words, because they echo what I feel as well. I\'m so sorry you are going through this....(((((Kate))))))

Kate, I will always be fragile. This is just part of who and what I am. We are a composit of features and we can never quell one over another, no matter what we do. We, in a true sense, have to accept our fragility and then build up the tools we need in order to sustain ourselves in any situation while also nurturing this fragile being. It is not bad to be fragile; what is bad is when we let this one part of us rule our lives such that this is all that we see. All of us are greater from the sum of our parts, not just from a part of the sum! Hang in there . . . you have the idea down in its infant stages. This will grow. Nurture it. You will grow stronger. BIG HUG!

Kate, we all have fragile parts of ourselves. The trick is to guard the fragile parts with your strengths.

I\'m not as strong as some on here think I am. I\'m very fragile in some areas of my life. But I know what those areas are and I protect them with the strong sides of me.

Try not to put your fragile side in stressful situations. I know some times stuff just happens and it seems impossible but you can still protect yourself. I\'m learning that as well.

As an example I let the ex bully me into doing too much work. I know I can pace myself as long as I have short breaks between the chores I have to do. He would push me into another job and not let me get that break I needed. Then my whole body and sole would want to shut down. He knew what he was doing to me and I finally had to stand up for the fragile parts of me. I think Anyse said this much better than me. You will find your way and be stronger.

Hey runner
Our situations seem so similar. Ten years ago, healing after 1st affair. Now here I am 10 years later having been cheated on 2 more times. He has moved on with a woman he met while we have been separated. After 7 months he wants to talk to the kids for the fist time. Admit his wrongdoings and ask them for forgiveness, I guess. Thank God they are grown and can make their own decisions. But in reading your poem, I too fell those days of utter sadness. I try to count my blessings and bolster myself back up. It is truly so hard. But I have noticed that when I get knocked down, I have a quicker recovery time. That\'s something, I guess. I here for you girl.

Thank you... isn\'t life strange!? Ten years must be some kind of hallmark, I have come across four others that ten years seems to be the magic number!! And yes, I get those feelings of being just so breakable then somehow pick myself back up! I try. Take care...Kate