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FOX Around the WorldWelcome travelers and Fox Fans from across the globe!We know there's no substitute for Fox News and you - here - shouldn't be denied our Fair and Balanced coverage just because you're outside of the U.S. You have let us know loud and clear that you WANT YOUR FOX!It's a - click here for more info - big world and we need your help, so keep those emails coming. We want to hear from you. Check out the new features below.FEATURESHere's a list of international cable and satellite providers that carry FOX News Channel. Did we miss one?Let us know!The best way to get your cable or satellite provider to put us on the air is to let them know you want - - your FOX! Have you asked your provider for FOX News?Let us knowAre your favorite - click this over here now - international hotels a FOX-Free zone? Let us know and we'll seewhat we can do to make them FOX-y places to stayHey travelers! Click here to search our database of international hotels that carry FOX news. Are we missing any? Clickhere to add a FOX-friendly hotel to our list.