Formula One car Racing Webber Versus Vettel Controversy

Do you agree with team ordersUpdate: Who will win in China? Will Vettel abide by the rules or will he once again think only of himself? Maybe if Webber keeps his head he can once again turn the tide on Webber like he did when they took the wing of his car and gave it to Vettel. Webber won that race.After China: Gosh has this guy got the world against him or what. Any way the good news is that Ricardo finished Seventh. At least that is good.And more good news- Webber is signing up with porche, so no more Red Bull and team orders. well. Iwonder if Ricardo will take Webbers place. Yes... Yes... Another Australian Driver Ricardo will be driving for Red Bull next year.Common Mark Webber you need a win before ending the Red Bull saga.************************************************Formula One Motor Racing is no different than any other big money sport in my personal opinion. There no longer appears to be a level playing field. I know that there is a lot of money involved in this type of racing and they all want to have the best drivers in their camps.I just wonder if they care at all about their drivers and their drivers feelings in their quest to be the top dog in their fight for top Championship points.Also what happened to the meaning of sport? I picked this one from wickepedia. "An activity involving physical exertion and skill that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often undertaken competitively.It looks like the rules that are set in concrete get thrown out the door after all.Sport minded people and fans pay out their hard earned money to see the best win, so if they are all governed by rules and told you can or cannot pass another car then how can the best one win? They can't.What do ignored rules do to the their driversI am so fed up with the powers to be saying there are no rules as to who can or cannot win a race whether it is Mercedes, Ferrari, Lotus, Red Bull or any other company it should be a fair and even playing field. There are of course strategies to get one car ahead of the other and better times on pit stops and that is fair enough.Yet once again Sebastian Vettel won his race by default (yes in my opinion). Mark Webber is continually being forced to take a back step. Even when their management told them both to hold their positions, Sebastian Vettel decided to break that order and pass Mark Webber anyway, so even he takes no notice, he is a law unto himself.Yes, Vettel is said to have apologised to Mark Webber. Come on, what good is that going to do. He still has the points on the board and goes on record as winning that particular race.Formula One Standings
As of: Malaysia Grand Prix






Sebastian Vettel - Red Bull





Kimi Raikkonen - Lotus






Mark Webber - Red Bull






Lewis Hamilton - Mercedes






Felipe Massa - Ferrari





Hamilton and Rosberg also had a problem in the same race. Hamilton finished on the podium and Rosberg was relegated to fourth although he appeared to have the faster car at the time.This is not the first time this has happened. It happens year after year. I remember in one particular race that Red Bull took a wing off of Webbers car and gave it to Vettel.How many times have you seen Vettel cut Webber off? I remember when Vettel was given the wing from Webbers car when he had a problem, yet Webber had the last laugh because he won that race.I have to admire the composure of Mark Webber, I know if I had been in his position even though I am a female I would not have been able to resist socking him (Vettel) after the race. It just goes to prove what a gentleman Mark Webber really is.And quite honestly I think it is obvious as to who is more popular of the two drivers.Note: If you think any of the above information is incorrect then I apologise. It is just my opinion and its so frustrating to watch similar things happening in a very expensive motor sport. We want the best driver and car on the day to win not a fixed race.If you agree or disagree - please add your thoughts in the comments.Is this a good example to set for our kids to follow. They should look outside the box and think about the up and coming future drivers.If you or a member of the family are a follower of formula 1 driver Mark Webber this could be a great gift.Most drivers start in Go-kartsThe majority of Formula One racing car drivers started their careers by driving Go Karts in their local towns. Not every one of them although the majority started out that way.Go-Kart Motor sportsLike all motor sports go-kart racing is not a cheap sport by any means. Benjamin Harris was a maverick in the early days of journalism. He was not alone but he definitely stood out from the crowd.You can spend more than a thousand dollars on one race meeting. I know because our son used to race karts in Kalgoorlie for a number of years.Many kids start driving from a very early age usually between 7 and 8years old and some still drive right up to a young age of 70. Our son did not start until he was 11. And he continued to drive through all the different stages until he was 16 and then once he was working we told him he was on his own. Although with work commitments it was not viable.Go Karts is a really great sport that the whole family can become involved in, whether it is helping in the running of the sport or the canteen I can recommend becoming involved in this type of sportDuring those years our son raced against some of the best. He also competed in the South Australian Go Kart Championships against Russell Ingall. In later years he won the chance to do a hot lap with John Bowe which he really enjoyed." target="_blank - -" class="amazonTitle" target="_blank - $50 Gift Card (0109) - Amazon Price: $50.00" class="amazonBuyNow" target="_blank - Buy Now - (price as of May 11, 2015)If you are finding it hard to find that perfect gift then a gift card may be the way to go.Australia has two Formula One DriversAustralia has two drivers competing in Formula one racing now. Mark Webber has been driving for a number of years, although the West Australian Daniel Ricciardo (pronounced Ricardo) started driving as a Formula one driver last year. He is driving for Toro Roso and looking forward to performing better this year.So far things have not gone his way with two DNF because of motor problems. He is at present 21st and Mark Webber is in 3rd place in the leaders board." target="_blank" rel="nofollow - Many Drivers Started their Careers in Go-Karts - - where to find search result -