Former nurse and cancer survivor creates Sea Active skincare for those battling illness and medicati

PR NewswireSAN DIEGO, Oct. 13, 2015SAN DIEGO, Oct. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sea Active Skincare is not developed by a faceless scientist in a lab, but by Vinni Parrinello, a medically challenged breast cancer survivor, who has been battling medical conditions for over thirty years leaving her with skin challenges. After two decades of researching the effects of medications and illness on the skin, being inspired by European apothecaries, Vinni, a former nurse and patented, gold medal skincare inventor has created an organic, trade secret, seaweed based skincare line that targets dull, dry, sensitive skin caused by DNA changes associated with an illness and its medications. According to the Mayo Clinic, 70% of Americans are taking at least one prescribed medication. As a result, Parrinello researched the chemical composition of 370 of the most widely prescribed medications in the US to learn more about the effects that chemicals in personal care products have on medication efficacy.Initially, Parrinello thought her skin changes were an isolated case. It wasn't until having conversations with hundreds of other people taking medications, that she realized this wasn't the case and something needed to be done. "Illness and medications change the skin's cellular DNA making it unable to retain moisture. Skin becomes sensitive, ruddy or sallow with a loss of skin vibrancy and elasticity. I was mortified when I discovered that chemicals in personal care products not only contributed to skin degradation but also inhibited many medications from optimally treating the illness," says Vinni Parrinello. About Sea Active SkincareInstead of using purified water for the main ingredient in Sea Active Skincare products, Parrinello formulates her MarineCosmeceutical products with the trade secret, "naturally harvested seaweed, herbal probiotic broth." A "new engine" to power her formulas. The Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth delivers potent fucoidan, vitamins, and probiotics from various seaweeds to the epidermal basal layer. Parrinello's proprietary Marine Retinol (Carotenoid) Complex is attached to a bio-organic form of Hyaluronic Acid. Unlike other retinoids, there is no photosensitivity, in fact, the seaweed complex helps defend the skin from harmful UV radiation. Parrinello avoids using chemicals in her formulas that could interfere with the delicate skin of someone taking medications. Her product line is free Parabens, Butylene Glycol, Sulfates and Formaldehydes (BHT, DMDM Hydantoin). Products are sold online through with sales expanding to medical offices, spas, and skincare retail partners. She's On a Mission"My purpose in life is to restore self-esteem and help others put their best face forward. We aim to produce a sustainable, specialty product line made with our sea-based, trade-secret ingredients to restore the skin's appearance. From the time I was a young girl I watched my mom and maternal aunt's battle breast and ovarian cancers. That influenced my life. I wish I could have helped them overcome the look of defeat as their skin changed. Life is a series of events, not all are good ones. It's what we do with these hurdles that makes life interesting and very rewarding" says Parrinello.Parrinello's philanthropic works starts with supporting St. Jude's Children's Hospital. It's her hope that as business grows so can her charitable contributions to help others with their medical treatment costs.For more information please visit or call 760-519-0129. - - To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit: Sea Active Skincare