For Suppliers, Complying With Targets Program Is A Way To Get More Exposure.

Target Expands List of Chemicals It Wants Out of Consumer Goods - Bloomberg Business
Food and Drug Administration and was banned from products in Targets home state last year. Target made the changes earlier this year without publicizing them, but aWashington-based advocacy group called Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families plans to spotlight the list this week. Though Target isnt prohibiting the ingredients outright, the move gives consumer-products companies fresh incentives to identify and eliminate controversial substances. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has a similar program for manufacturers, including a read this list of substances that the retailer doesnt post publicly. For suppliers, complying with Targets program is a way to get more exposure. In exchange for cooperating, the retailer may be inclined to help promote their products or give them more shelf space. Target declined to discuss the exact rewards involved. Product Scores The Minneapolis-based company calls the list its Product Sustainability Index, and it rates various items sold at the retailer. Target awards points to products for having ingredients listed on packaging and online and not including substances with a high level of health concern. The scoring applies to cleaning, beauty, read this baby-care and personal-care products.

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