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The ghost tour takes visitors to the city's most haunted places right in the center of downtown, where the Tequesta Indians lived once the Spanish Conquistadors arrived...

Hunt spirits with the Ghosts, Mysteries & Legends tour of Old Fort Lauderdale,, Fort Lauderdale's premier ghost tour. Cat Guides introduce visitors and natives to Fort Lauderdale's \other night life\ while they go along the banks of the New River in the city's historic district.

The ghost trip takes guests to the city's most haunted places right in the center of downtown, where the Tequesta Indians lived if the Spanish Conquistadors came and where the town as we know it today began.

The tour's key ghost information, Christian Rieger, says, \We focus our visit in the location where Fort Lauderdale began as a modern city where the Flagler railroad came through in 1896.

\The freeze of 1895 that killed the citrus bushes through central Florida, caused his Florida Eastcoast Railroad to be extended by Henry Flagler from Palm Beach as to the is today Miami.

The city's first hotel, built since the railroad's coming through, was built next to the songs at the river. Historians say that it's this region, where we've our ghost hunting, that the town, today as it is known by us, began.\

Cat visit books, wearing a, top hat and holding a, tell stories of the fabled New River, trading posts and 100 year-old mansions. Is the Ghost Train that speeds quietly on the tracks the train that caused the death 500 people in the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935? Some residents who claim to possess seen it think therefore. If you know anything at all, you will seemingly choose to discover about Tours Provide Unique Glimpses of Seattle | Fugumobile.

Readers on the tour will discover the secret of the girl in the white wedding gown and why she stands alone on the deck of the city's oldest standing hotel building. Courses also tell tales of Seminole Indians that still haunt the river, the spirits of early settlers, and the places of a well known restaurant.

\It is fantastic family entertainment,\ states Rieger, \something for the family to complete after dinner besides watch tv in the accommodation. Additionally it works great for local families, since cat tours are a clever way of presenting local history to children a way of earning history interesting and simple to listen to.\

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