Football coach who emerged as hero amid Ohio school shooting lands on cover of Sports Illustrated

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Football coach Frank Hall saved the lives of countless Chardon (Ohio) High students -- A year removed from chasing an armed T.J. Lane down a hallway and into the parking lot -- as bullets continued to fly around him, killing three and wounding three others -- former Chardon (Ohio) High assistant football coach Frank Hall has found humor again. "One day, Sports Illustrated called, and my wife hollers down to the basement, 'Hey, it's Sports Illustrated,'" Hall joked to The Cleveland Plain Dealer . "For guys my age, Sports Illustrated was 'it' back in the day, before ESPN. I'm thinking this will be my only chance to get in Sports Illustrated. I get on the phone and the lady says, 'I'd like to tell you about an exciting offer we have for a two-year subscription.'" Hall spent a week with SI legend Gary Smith, a four-time National Magazine Award winner, who shares Hall's story against a backdrop of America's school violence problem. Waiting For Next Year offered this excerpt of a story available to paid subscribers: Here it was, the question lodged in the recesses of all the educators brains in America, the one that their minds race to and away from without ever resolving, the one to which the rest of us seem to have unconsciously agreed to condemn them all: What will I do if a kid in my school pulls out a gun and starts shooting? Heres what Frank never couldve guessed, all the years, his mind had darted to and from that question: His anger trumped everything; it trampled thought and even fear.

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The drop from Kuechly to the next batch of stud 'backers isn't very significant, as the aforementioned Laurinaitis, Lee, Willis and Bowman all qualify as elite-caliber commodities. These guys really do it all, providing a weekly batch of gaudy statistics across the board. In order to establish a more specific framework for this elite tier at the position, I'd consider any of the top 12 linebackers in our rankings worthy of the distinction. The upsiders [+] Enlarge AP Photo/Brandon Wade T.J. Ward's hard-hitting style made him a solid fantasy play as a rookie in 2010, but injuries have hampered him the past two seasons. It almost feels like a great two-for-one deal when you land great value on a productive sleeper at a shallow position. With your later-round picks and discretionary depth, roll the dice on some potential-laden secondary guys before you worry too much about depth at otherwise deep positions like wide receiver or linebacker.

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Green jerseys with white pants is the better way to go. Another sick look that Baylor has is all-white tinted with green. All-white generally doesn't turn too many heads, but the Bears find a way to do it. 3. Oklahoma State Cowboys The Cowboys have a wide variety of uniforms to choose from, including these great all-black ones. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images Sponsor: Nike One thing that ultimate-booster Boone Pickens has done in Stillwater is made the Cowboys look better. Nike provides some of the coolest uniforms in all of college football to Oklahoma State. The look usually comes down to how the team's primary color, orange, is utilized. In the all-black uniforms plus the orange tops, the orange is very attractive. However, against Baylor last season, the Cowboys looked awful in gray helmets, white jerseys and orange pants. Still, the Cowboys have sick uniforms with nearly endless variations. The all-blacks, all-whites, and orange tops are generally the best. 2. Texas Longhorns The classic burnt orange uniforms in Austin are the best classic jerseys in the Big 12. Cooper Neill/Getty Images Sponsor: Nike No school in the entire conference has a more classic look then the Texas Longhorns.

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If the concern is truly that a dry run might overshadow the BCS' last hurrah, then wait until after the national championship game to conduct it. A retroactive exercise is better than not having one at all. It's a far from ideal scenario, however, because committee members' perceptions of the teams up for debate would undoubtedly be skewed by their subsequent bowl performances. The exercise will not truly be sound unless it happens in December, though the committee could certainly wait until February to release the results. (A third option would be to conduct the mock selection but keep the results private; however, that would run contradictory to the commissioners' repeated assertion that the selection process will be transparent.) In conversations with Hancock and many of the commissioners about this subject over the past year, it's clear they realize the committee's task will be difficult. In particular, the SEC's Mike Slive has done extensive research on the subject, and presumably others have as well. But even those who have served on the NCAA basketball committee won't truly appreciate the unique challenges associated with this football committee until they've gone through the process once.

Dark clouds hover over them and the near East River, while light rain taps their helmets. Lauren Pringle , a 30-year-old, recently married wide receiver stops to chat with HuffPost Gay Voices, in between being asked about her wedding and football plays. A few weeks ago she married her girlfriend of five years, who is a performer on Broadway. To show support, her teammates threw her a bachelorette party during the bus ride home from an away game in Maryland. "We definitely had a good time," she said of the party. "It was a lot of fun." In addition to planning her own wedding, Pringle and her wife assisted another teammate with her recent engagement. Katie Rose , a defensive end linebacker from Virginia, who loves the contact in the sport, recently got engaged to her girlfriend Melissa Pickett, a teammate who is also the current general manager. Rose secretly planned a faux scavenger hunt leading up to the popular ruby-red steps in Times Square, where she got on one knee and proposed to Pickett , in front of Pickett's family and friends.

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Reporter: Hernandez has not been ruled out as a suspect. But suspicions continue to swirl. Not only about his group of friends. But also about his allegedly violent past. Hernandez -- Reporter: Sources tell abc news, patriots tight end aaron hernandez was seen partying with this man, oden lloyd, at a boston bar friday, just days before lloyd's body was found in this industrial park, a mile from the football star's million-dollar mansion. Abc news has learned the 27-year-old, a semipro football player from the boston bandits, was killed execution-style. A happy-go-lucky kind of guy. We played on saturday.