Food abstinence

Right around the holidays (2016) I wrote down a list of foods that I have had 'inappropriate' relations with.  If I had a memory of a trigger with that food, it went on the list.  Needless to say the list was ponderous.  (I use that word to honor Jacob Marley)

It contained all of the regulars.  The two I've had the hardest time with are foods that I used to be OK with.  Sour Cream and Brick Cheese.  I just don't eat them in the right amounts.

I'm a LCHF lover and supporter.  I've lost a TON of weight eating that way and I'm healthier too.  Now just to tackle this ridiculous food addicition.

Here's hoping 'DailyStrength' helps.

My mood improved....


it really does help having a group around.  Even though it's small, it's helpful.  LCHF!