I seriously feel like self-harming this morning - I've already opened up an old wound.  I've been forced to make home-improvements I didn't want over the past year.  I'm getting a new foldable double bed delivered this morning - didn't want that either.  I've had to make space in the bedroom and put the old bed in the dining room.  This means I can't get to the wardrobe in the bedroom at the moment or get to the window in the dining room.  On top of all this, I have to do a stint in the shop this afteroon.  I'm almost at my wits end.
Well, the bed arrived all boxed up and ready to assemble which means I have no bed to sleep in tonight.  There's no way I can put it together myself so I've SI'd out of anger and frustration.  It's early evening as I write this paragraph and I can't see myself getting much sleep tonight.  Thankfully I've a comfy chair in the lounge so it won't be too bad I suppose.