Florist Paddington: How to Hire a Good Wedding Florist?

Are you looking for the right florist that will help you realize your dream wedding? With a florist, you can turn your wedding day into something whimsical, rustic, medieval, modern, and romantic or whatever that comes into your mind. A florist is a person who has the knowledge and skills in arranging and designing flowers of any kind particularly those that are being used in special events and occasions such as weddings.

But before you get in the way to find a Florist Paddington, there are some important tips that you need to know first in order to find what you are exactly looking for. For one, you need to know that florists come in different types and they are as follows:

  • Retail Florist. This is the type of florist that you commonly see in the streets and selling flowers. They are good sources of small order flowers but not necessarily accustomed to or equipped for servicing full occasions or events.

  • Floral Designer. This is typically your standard florist. He specializes in combining flowers into centerpieces, boutonnieres, décor items and bouquets. Generally, this type of florist is generally artistic and creative.

  • Full Service Occasion/Event Florist. This type of florist does not only provide floral services but other things that are needed in your event or wedding. These usually include candles, paper goods, table numbers and other décor pieces that you prefer.

In finding a Florist Paddington, the following tips need to be considered as well:

  • Figure out if your wedding requires flowers as a top priority. It all depends on the importance of flowers to you and the time when you will be getting married.

  • Consider your budget. The prices of flowers often vary depending on the season when they are most likely available.

  • Identify the kind of style you want. Look for floral design photos online and show them to your florist. Your florist can help you realize what you exactly want.

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