Five bags a year left hand Ming style not worry

Fashion fascinating is its endless possibilities, especially the full of a group of creative  designers painstakingly carved, fashion has not only become the people become beautiful  elements, is the essential factor for a life of the swap.Handbags but the ceiling eye project of, with different brands of winter design innovation, following strictly selected of the 2015 season, the new bags best 5 styles, from appearance, practical to incorporate effects make a different decision, a full range to build is quite  different from the same fashion autumn and winter wear build style.TOPHANDLE BAGSHandle design is in this autumn and winter hot hot, said J. W. Anderson for the wizard, Loewe  for design the first handbag "Puzzle" has just launched became expert hot, the geometry  collage styles to handle design to create a unique neutral beauty; may top handle born with  a kind of firm and professional taste, or deep or shallow call color lining as elegant, crusty appearance on boxy, is the cause of women's personality choice.EDITOR’S TIPSAll black modelling with black top handle bag is the most easy entrance, however bright  colors can improve "rate of return", Hollywood socialite Olivia Palermo modeling is the best  example, whether it is flat chested shirts lining spell color handle handbag, or is the mix  of Givenchy, big leather bags and clothes, are distributed in the fashionable breath.MINIIT BAGSThe bag into toys like small mini handbag is another focus of this autumn and winter, thanks  to the gift of the Nicolas Ghesquire, one imitation such as treasure box "Petite Malle trunk  bag box set off the upsurge of a boxy bag. Called for the upsurge in interest, of course, not only the Louis Vuitton so the population is feeble, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and Chanel, a  public line big entirely training body supporter, a stylish everybody intercalary Xiu beauty  to T stage.EDITOR’S TIPSBox shaped pouch has a noble temperament, can choose with safety demonstration to one-piece  dress, however, a street mix build and mini it bag for pairing seems more fun: a neutral  coat, a washing water tannins and a pair of shoes, is to create a tomboy style win only  prescription; low-key plain clothes can highlight the natural rhythm, to the free and easy  atmosphere of neat.CHAINBAGS IN COLORMetal chain handbag not only in a single design style show, the size of the brand in this  season should say is near the beginning of the season competing to launch all chain bag as  the sell of key projects. Alexander Wang pen Balenciaga although creative lacking, but  design a fashionable chain of bag to a congregation of salted pickled pointed fashion  audience;, of course, like classical, chanel 2. 55 still wonderful, still fabulous, and Loewe  "V bag and Dior" diorama "color chain bag is fresh enough, is pragmatic, autumn and winter  of handbags springs.EDITOR’S TIPSPowder or playful with color and pattern design is individual devaluation of the winter  chain bag styles, like Rihanna Dior pink full-gear, elegant and unconventional, Kelly  Kelly's Louis Vuitton pattern "twist bag" and a cowboy clothing also together out a skin and  freedom, both sporadic big star due attitude; narrow trousers and chain bag supplement is a  good combination of fashion, Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington Whiteley deduce the best  essence.CUDDLYHANDBAGSThe trend of the new bag. This win to softness of irregular design most "personal", Celine's  shoulders side pockets "Oversized twisted cabas" streamlined and unique, stereo clipping  with large capacity and spell color elements set appearance and practicality in a body; Chanel "girl" with this trait, personal style and high quality leather is comfortable and at  ease of crystallization, a sentence to the end of the overall fold and compression  (compressible) like a pillow soft design is the recent fashion.EDITOR’S TIPSStella McCartney in addition to the design of folding handbags and personal demonstration  soft leather handbags (of course she / build is artificial leather) fashion charm. A concise  neutral clothing, folding bag lining, the focus is take a bag of "technique" should be  enough with, can create a kind of fashionable people sloppy handsome; carrying Hermes  leather "Picotin PM bag of Kate Moss also good-looking, with pink to brighten the dark  shape, is the best holiday of public choice.ANIMALPRINT & CROCO BAGSAnimal patterns and crocodile leather handbags are always separated from the fall and  winter, in particular, a wide variety of animal patterns can be said to be the most popular  in the winter. This season, Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu doing particularly well, similarly to  the deep clothing and the animal design handbags for costume, particularly against the  background of the animal pattern of cold charm, make women wanting to put them possession; Prada "inside bag to crocodilian skin is the richest noble style, seem to is the best symbol  of new generation business women.EDITOR’S TIPS"Grandmother" trendsetters Kate Moss to Balenciaga collage snake bag and signature style of  British street style for a perfect match, narrow cattle, suit jacket and inter - caryne will  snake gorgeous lose, in exchange for a fashionista have personality; the young school can  Chao Xiang die Kendall Jenner scriptures, SuBai elements with crocodile blend, churning out  unique relaxed extravagance.