Fishbat Offers 3 Tips To Create Innovative Web Designs

Best Design Firms New to 10 Best Design's Directory Named: Sourcebits is #1

"Websites say a lot about a company, so it's essential for a business to develop a great design, he says. When designing a website, you have to think about more than just the style. Navigation, functionality and social media integration all come into play. People want to learn as much as they can in as little time as possible when visiting a website. A simple, interactive web design can be key to getting users to take a look around and build traffic on your website. Maas gives 3 tips to help businesses create innovative websites. To read more, click:

The 10BD team has, for the first time, released rankings of the top design agencies among those which have recently been added to their website. Atop this list, Sourcebits was named #1 in this best design category. Sourcebits is based in San Francisco, California, but through magnificent work and the backing of both Sequoia Capital and IDG Ventures has grown to include offices from stretching from Mexico to Japan and beyond. Since their founding in 2006, Sourcebits has become an international player in the industry working with multinational companies (MNCs) such as GE, SAP, Intel, MIT, P&G, Hershey's, and Coca-Cola. But it doesn't end there. To read more, click:

Maximize the Hottest Website Design Trend: Be Responsive!

Responsive websites started gaining traction during 2012, when more businesses realized that mobile engagement was a mandate. As mobile device usage surged, the need for mobile-friendly websites fast became essential, driving web designers to create sites that looked brilliant on any devicewere tough enough to pack an SEO punch in the process. In fact, by the summer of 2012, Google issued a recommendation in support of responsive design for smartphone-optimized websites, noting that making a website that is friendly to smartphone users is a critical component of website management. And, with at least 67 percent of search market share, Google's recommendations regarding website design recommendation should be taken very seriously. To read more, click:

Best New Web Design Firms on 10 Best Design Directory Announced

Although 10 Best Design reviews a lot of web design companies, those awarded in this ranking are truly among the top to get onto 10BD for the first time. Coming in first place is Sourcebits , a San Francisco-based team which boasts 500+ mobile, web, and cloud applications. They have even worked with prolific companies such as Intel and Adobe. Sourcebits can now forever boast a first place ranking on 10BD's Best Newly Added Web Design Firms page. Xplode Marketing appears in the number two position. To read more, click: