First Look: 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Of all the Japanese automakers, Mitsubishi is regarded as the off brand.'

If you are perhaps not among the most famous automakers, the road probably taken will be to perform difficult so as to supply a reliable product at a fair cost. Along with the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport does just that! The front-wheel drive variant is priced at $19,260 and the all-wheel-drive at $23,760.

The Outlander Sport steps 64 ins high, 70 inches in thickness, and 169 ins in length. However, it is built on the same platform as its bigger brother and thus has an identical wheel base measuring 105 ins.

The interior is described as the right-size with room for five. Likewise, careful attention was set on the healthy and finish also as the way the managements sense when worked. The fold-down rear seat opens up great cargocarrying ability.

This Outlander Activity is some 15-inches smaller than the non sport Outlander. The ins have been shaved from a reduced engine bay and rear overhang.

Long journey is provided by the suspension and is well-suited to many routes. Off road, the suspensor supplies some bumps against its stops.

Consequently, the acceleration 0-60 is only sufficient at 9.6 seconds.

The transmission is a five-speed manual or a (resume) continuously changeable unit with change controls around the steering wheel. Talking of the steering, the power device is electrical. It supplied great street suggestions and becomes progressively heavier as the rate increases. Thus, it actually increases the Outlander's driving experience.

The Outlander's fuel mileage is 25 mpg in town and 31 mpg in the main road for the fwd and about 2 mpg less for the all-wheel Mitsubishi Dealers - Kelly Mitsubishi drive.

Around the exterior the Outlander Activity features a pleasing layout along using a high roof-line. The front of this Mitsubishi has a bit of an Audi appearance but it is more hardy. The factors are clear as well as the backside is strong with nicely integrated taillights.

And as I mentioned previously, the reliability of the Outlander Sport will probably be good providing several years of devoted support.

So, if you need a lightweight sport-utility crossover but perhaps not the designer name and without breaking the bank, the 2014 Mitsubishi Sport could function as vehicle for you personally!