Finding the Perfect Designer Prom Dresses for You Hourglass Shape

So get ready for prom in style and make it a night to remember!Average:Your rating: NoneFor a great one-stop shop for dresses and accessories of all colors and styles Prom Runway is a perfect place to start! With hundreds of designer prom dresses at an affordable price you can be sure to look your best at a price that will make you happy too. - newyorkdress evening dresses - - new york evening dresses - Author's Bio:. The waist should be your balance point!There are a few dress styles that work very well for the hourglass figure. A plunging neckline on a well fitted dress will unbalance towards your bust, and a dress that clings and emphasizes your hips would unbalance towards them. If you have this figure consider yourself blessed; it makes it a little bit easier to shop prom dresses!But just because you have the ideal figure doesn't mean there aren't things to look out for. Sheath style dresses are great if you want to flaunt it all as they hug your figure and show off your natural curves.Like many dress types, a simple belt around your waist will help to emphasize its slimness, so if you want to flaunt it you can get a dress that features a prominent belt.As a last tip, many hourglass figured girls tend to have a larger bust. The idea for dressing this figure is to show off those curves while still achieving the balance everyone must look for in a dress. Both of these will work great if you feel your hips and thighs are a little too big as they will disguise it while still being a sexy prom dress. Typically, your waist will be anywhere over 9" smaller than your bust. It's not always easy to know what sexy prom dress will make you look drop dead gorgeous for prom. Keep in mind, this figure isn't delegated by height; hourglass figures can be short or tall! This figure gives you the curvy sort of ideal figure many fashion designers and females strive for. Look for dresses that have a wider strap, as it will help to keep the movement in the bust minimal as you're out on the dance floor. You've got the goods so don't be afraid to flaunt it, and when else will you be able to wear princess style designer prom dresses anyways? So avoid anything that drapes over your waist and hides how slim it is. That tiny waist is something to be proud of!To keep balance, be mindful that your body is already in a sort of balance with an hourglass figure so having anything that pulls attention to either hips or bust will unbalance it. Even when you have that ideal hourglass figure, the wrong dress could actually take the appeal out of your beautiful figure! So to help you weather the difficult seas of designer prom dressesand gowns we've compiled a few useful tips to accentuate your hourglass figure.For starters, an hourglass figure is where your hips and bust are essentially about the same circumference combined with a slim waist. A-lines are great for the very same reason and feature a gentler flared skirt. The added bonus is that many dresses featuring wide straps and a modest neckline are very bra-friendly so you can wear your favorite supportive bra with it!With a keen eye for what achieves balance on your figure and dressing to show off your sexy curves, you won't have a thing to worry about as you shop prom dresses. Ball gown styles work well because the skirt begins at the natural waist, so it will emphasize your waist