Find iPhone Apps with Apple's Web App Directory

Last Updated Oct 12, 2007 9:01 AM EDTMost iPhone users can perform a few cool Web tricks with the Safari browser, but Apple has rounded up over 200 of them in a new directory. You'll find apps like Etolos CRM, Bank of America Mobile Banking, jkPassword, and reQall (which lets you "call and say things you want to remember later, then see your list on your iPhone"). The directory's organized into categories like news, productivity, and search tools, so it's easy to browse the collection. You can do so in your desktop browser or on your iPhone/iPod touch -- just point your browser to's featured apps include Facebook, Bejeweled, and a language translator (pictured at left). What's your favorite iPhone app? Hit the Comments and give generously. [via Gizmodo] 2007 CBS Interactive Inc.. All Rights Reserved.