Fildena 25 is an FDA approved solution is used for treating male impotence condition like ED in impo

Fildena 100 is popular today as various clinical studies that help in working well for men with male impotence condition, regardless of the age of men. Fildena 150 is a fast-acting solution when taken as prescribed. As per various clinical trials, Fildena 150 drug has been shown to be quite effective for up to 80% of men. The solution is a first FDA-approved for treating male impotence condition. The medicine is safe and effective that is trusted for several years. This solution is a proven male impotence treating medication.


Fildena contains the potent ingredient Sildenafil Citrate which is first industrialized as an angina drug. However, the drug Fildena 120 has not been too efficacious for angina and instead gaveout an odd side effect of bettering the patients’ erectile response. Since then Pfizer commercialized the product and marketed the product as an actual treatment for erectile dysfunction. This particular form of medication can readily help in dissolving in water that means the medication helps in the breakdown from a tablet for making a sensational fizzy solution that is completely easy for oral consumption. Moreover, the sensational flavor of this erectile dysfunction treating medicine can make it very easy for oral consumption:

The edge of Fildena 120 is that it is available widely around the world and the company has established the brand globally for many years, despite the skyrocketing price. While Fildena 100, on the contrary, has the edge on the price as it is made more affordable to the general public, but then the company is fairly young as compared to the competitor as still have to prove its integrity and it is only available in a few selected countries worldwide. So which would you take Fildena 120? It all depends on the availability in your locality, the trust in the manufacturer and the patient’s purchasing power, although both drugs are recommended:

On the other hand, Fildena 100 products are generic versions of Viagra, which were created by the manufacturer Fortune Healthcare located in India. Fildena 25 seemed out of reach for most marginal patients and can’t be afforded by regular earners (as the price for Viagra appeared just suitable for the rich individuals). This created the need for generic manufacturers to find a way to recreate the drug and offer the same pharmacy app: in a less costly form. Fildena 150 has no restrictions on its sale and has an international and widespread distribution and is almost available worldwide. It can also be accessed in almost all local pharmacies and online drugstore as well.

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