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If you're trying to make 1K profit on someone worth 3K, it's not going to work, you need to be smart with the profits. Even making only 250 coins on a player can add up in the long term. 10K per day is 3.6 MILLION in a year and that's without playing a single match
List a player on 3 list cycles cheap fifa 14 coins for sale before lowering his price, this gives the best chance of them selling. 50 Silver Squad Fitness cards, list them all for one hour. Iniesta, I would tend to list him for 5k above the lowest Buy Now Price for 6 24 hours, depending on what I'm doing later or the next day. The reason for this is that players like Iniesta, or any expensive (60K+) player for that matter, can fluctuate by thousands of coins throughout the day and so there is a high chance that your card could become relatively cheap and sell,(click column header to sort results)

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