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is?fqLIAUu0j5kVsLV4hFLeMfeab9JpgW45kX8NxI don’t know if it was the stress of the holiday season, work or just the distance but this stretch had been awful. This is the amount of time it had been since the last time I was with my baby. All I could think about was him.

29 days, 14 hours, 8 minutes, and now 36 seconds. It was one of those fantasies, shared with him in the late hours of the night, that led to the true story I am about to tell. Time was taking its toll. My mind drifted day and night thinking not only about what we would do when we see each other, but all the beautiful memories we had made together over the past two years.

We live on different coasts, and had learned how to make long distance work. I was dreaming about the cab ride to the hotel where we had made plans to meet. I had volunteered to wait for him and we joked about not making it out of the terminal; jumping into the first bathroom stall we could find and ripping each others' clothes off no matter who was next to us.

Not just his sexy voice, but the way he uses every carefully crafted word; fully knowing that with each syllable I become hotter and wetter. In my dream, that is exactly what happened. His plane had been delayed, and he felt so bad about missing me at the airport. As soon as the cabbie picked me up, I was listening to my baby's sweet and sexy voice: "Baby when I see you, I am not sure if I am going to take it slow or fast.

I am not sure if, I will throw you on the bed and take your ass before you have a chance to stop me or if I will make you squirm in anguish as I move down your body with my tongue making you beg me to go down one you.

I swear, just one sentence in, this voice mail was going to make me cum on the spot. The days leading up to our much awaited reunion were as frustrating as they were tantalizing. I heard my self moaning, at times even screaming with ecstasy thinking that I was just imagining what he was going to do to me. This is one of my man’s gifts.

And then I realized that the entire time, the cab driver was watching me. This fantasy of someone watching me as my baby get me off without laying a finger on me, was so powerful I could not get it out of my mind. He did not make a sound. I would never do such a thing, but exploring it with him was so hot.

He knew how hot I would be waiting for his arrival, so he suggested that as soon as I get in the cab, there would be a voice mail waiting for me describing exactly what he was going to do to me as soon as he saw my face. He just looked in the mirror with eyes fixed on me as if he was saying: carry on. I wasn’t sure what he would think.

We tossed around light heartedly, that this would be a perfect trip to do such a thing as we had an entire week together in a new town. We both got excited thinking about what the other person would be thinking when the witnessed such passion and love. "
As I lost myself in his words, and his voice created images so real that I was not aware that my hands were down my pants.

We continued to dive deeper into the conversation about inviting someone to watch our passionate love making. For the next three hours, we kissed, and licked, and fondled and sucked. So I told my baby that I wanted someone to watch us. We barely made it into the room as we were ripping each other clothes off the second the hotel door opened. Not even wanting to break the stare, even for a kiss.

We would spend what seemed hours looking into one another's eyes. Sometimes it was soft and gentle. In every position, in every combination. My eyes locked onto his as he gently slips his hands into my panties to discover how hot and wet I am for him. It was not a fantasy any longer. We could have auditioned for Cirque Du Ole and had a shot. From those moments we literally performed acrobatics.

The rest of the week was filled with work, and although we made love often, the first night was the one that topped all. All thoughts of another, soon left my head the moment I saw him at the hotel. This is my favorite time to be touched. Until our teasing about bringing another person into our lovemaking was no longer a tease.

My baby wanted to return to our discussion, more specifically the cab ride fantasy. We were doing it in positions I did not know were possible. He asked me what I thought about another man not only watching me while he talked me into explosion. We took the fantasy deeper. Apparently passion makes one very flexible.

I wanted someone else to see what I am experiencing and the way my baby makes me feel. It was about to become very `real. I had to admit, although I have no desire for another mans hands on my body, being able to see my mans eyes while I show him how what he does makes me feel, was really hot. What if the man was actually doing the touching while he "directed" him on where to go and what to do.

Did we want to watch the couple afterwards? Did we want a couple to watch? What turned me on most was the idea of someone watching while HE worked his magic, on the phone or in person. For the next hour we searched through Craigslist, considering all kinds of scenarios.

Did my man want to touch the man while he was touching me? What would that be like to watch another man take my mans beautiful cock and stroke it; and even put it in his mouth? Did we just want someone to watch while he touched me or did we want to play out our fantasy of another man doing the touching? We came so close to cuming as every ad we read and every scenario we played out in our head made us want to fuck even harder.

Did I want to see the man touching my man? Did I want to touch the man while he was touching me? She will not be returning the gestures although she would welcome light touching and possibility kissing. But, we restrained ourselves. God we were both so hot.

Are you open to the possibility of moving that touching and kissing to us both as I am bi-curious and would be open to the possibility of exploring. There will be no intercourse. Others peaked our interest. It went something like this:
Looking for a fit, professional male to give an erotic massage my wife while I watched and possibly participated. Some were ridiculous and easy to weed out.

Within and hour, we got sixty responses. The next step was exchanging pictures and in some cases phone calls to ensure that we had the perfect match for this first time couple. Once we saw that the possibility of our fantasy was getting real, more questions popped up. We held out as to enjoy the full possibility of our new webcam girls venture.

What age is too young? Does his build matter? The picture that stood out immediately to me, was one of a young man in his late twenties to early thirties. We narrowed our choices down to 10. Sooo much to consider, and every question made us want it more. He offered to speak and even meet to ensure this was the right thing for both of us.

He was clean cut, boy next door face. My man explained how nervous we were and especially how self conscious I am about my body and sexuality. We are a couple in our late forties and early fifties, would this young man find any interest in us? The young man continued to impress us. This is really happening. His response was articulate and well thought out.

A strange man is going to come to our hotel room to give me an erotic massage. Unsatisfied with the current adds, we decided to write our own request. He will be touching me. He will see my naked body. What if I don’t get turned on? Do we want the man to be black?

He may be kissing me, caressing me, in places that before were open only to my baby. We looked at one another, one last time and then replied back with a time for the meet. And with each question, 6:30 drew nearer. My baby had gone to the store to pick up some items for the evening. It was beautiful, but there was barely enough fabric to cover my breasts let alone my entire body.

He listened and assured us that if this was not something we wanted, he would leave at any point. I sprayed his favorite perfume and put his favorite blue shirt over the teddy. What will my baby think of me? My heart was pounding just thinking about what he was going to say when he saw me in it.

I showered, shaved, and slipped on the black teddy arranging the lace bodice around the areas of my body that I wanted covered. Some images of my breast bulging out of the lace; only my nipples covered with black ribbon. When he left the room, I disrobed and started taking pictures of every angle and pose.

Candles, massage oil, jellies lotions, and some special play toys in case the moment evolved. But I went with the moment. I gave him every view front, back, on the bed, in a chair, you name it. Along with this, he asked me to put on a black, lace teddy and g string. Pictures
Before he went downstairs to meet our new friend, he took a shot of me in his shirt and asked me to send him some pictures of what was underneath while he was waiting in the lobby.

I was laying on the bed already dripping wet thinking about him sitting there in public as he opens each picture. Others were full body shots as I turned towards the mirror in our bedroom so he could see a shot of my back side. I will be here with you every step of the way. I kept hearing my mans voice: "Just go with it baby.

And sent them all to his phone. Oh my god, we are really doing this. I could hardly breath I was so nervous and excited about what was to come. I want to see you let go. Knowing that these private and revealing photos to a man that I had never met before, and in a few short minutes would be seeing me and touching me for real.

Not sure why, but its his favorite view of me. Joel introduced himself. And when I finally had the nerve to look them both in the eye, I had a strange sense of relief. Clean cut, professional, articulate, with a wonderful smile and a boy next door sense about him. "
I could hear the hotel door open and the voices of two men.

And then they walked in. He could stay dressed and remain in his chair by our bed the entire time, or he could give me a gentle massage and be done for the night. I thought I would be in some sexy position , all ready for the encounter, but I just sat there holding onto the pillow from the bed for dear life.

My man stepped in as he knew this was too much for me at the moment. In full control of everything that happens next. I had still not disrobed, My babes shirt was buttoned to the top button even though I know they had both seen the photos about what I was wearing underneath.

My baby commented on the photos. Im laying on this bed, half web cam naked girls in some laced up contraption I am not sure that anyone will be able to get off its so tight, and another man is about to give it a try. He told me how beautiful and sexy and gorgeous I looked and how he could not wait to see me take that shirt off. He was just like the pictures he sent.

My baby started to unbutton the shirt while Joel continued to rub my feet. During the process of unbuttoning, they gently scooted me from the edge of the bed and into the middle. I was laying there fully exposed and both men were looking at my body. I was in the drivers seat. The rubbing got more intense as the conversational voices turned intimate.

I could hear my baby saying how hot I looked, how beautiful I was to see, his hands now all over me while Joel continued to massage my feet. He asked Joel to start with a simple foot massage. What else was this poor boy to say—no she looked like shit in the photos, but its a half naked women so I’m good?

Joel had been invited to join in my full disrobing. Im not sure when or how it happened, but very soon both men were on both knees beside. Assured me that he is there to serve us. First the shirt came off and then slowly the corset. At this point, I could not tell whole hands were who.

I could see Joel’s eyes and more importantly I could see clearly his erect penis through his pants. Slowly and carefully, the men flipped me over. They spend time looking at and rubbing my back and buttocks. All the while, I could hear my loves voice.

I could feel each ribbon unravel as more and more of my breasts were exposed. Fully naked, relaxed and wet from the sensual back and forth across my body, I did not turn away. The more into the massage I let myself be. With each caress, the more comfortable I got.

We began to kiss, and he moved up the bed so my body lay naked and exposed. And just as I was nearing full relaxation, I found myself being rolled over. It’s okay baby, look at me and let him kiss you. Knowing how exposed and vulnerable I would be, he continued to assure me of how beautiful I look lying there and how turned on it made them both to be touching and watching me squirm.

I kept my eyes locked on my love staring deeply into his eyes. He was slow and careful, but I knew where this was headed. While Joel’s hands remained "professional" and strong, continuing to rum me down as if I was a client during and appointment, his mouth and tongue told a very different story.

He looked at Joel, and asked him to agree. His breathing was heavy and his moaning soft but consistent. "
Joel slowly worked his way around my body. Joel had started to let go. The erotic part of my massage had just begun.

My juices were flowing like a fountain, and I could feel them dripping down my legs. His hand slowly moving up and down my inner thighs. He invited Joel to continue rubbing me down, and then whispered in my ear: "Let him kiss you. With every touch and kiss, I knew where he was headed.

It was clear, Joel knew his way around a woman’s body. He knew right where to go, and his tongue felt amazing. I knew from his kisses that WE were all going there and going there now. Joel did not shy away, He moved through the wetness with his hands and very gently slipped his fingers inside me. It was only seconds before my body started to shake and the moans could no longer be restrained.

As we broke away, any worries of my man being jealous or uncomfortable went away when I heard him coaching me on. While I was intently locked in on my love and our deeply impassioned kisses, I was aware of Joel's warm soft lips on my skin.

I remember looking to him for assurance and approval as we both watch Joel lower his head and pale it between my now opened legs. Just let go and let your body free. My kisses to my baby got stronger and faster. I fully surrendered and let my body convulse. I was shaking so much it interrupted the kiss I was so deeply dependent on to keep in mind my love. Joel, doesn’t her pussy taste so sweet?

I am so glad that someone else gets to know how lucky I am to have such a fine pussy always ready for me? He continued, speaking directly to Joel. All the while Joel responding by nodding his head and between breaths moaning out : Fuck Yes. "Cm’on baby, let go. Fuck yes this is so fine. "
He was touching himself as he watched another man go down on me.

Kiss me like you know how. I am not sure if it was his voice or just his presence, but I pulled Joel away at the moment I was just about to come. I grabbed my baby and pushed his head down between my legs shouting. I grabbed Joel’s throbbing hard cock and put pulled him closer into our sacred place. My body began to convulse, shaking beyond my control.

I got fully caught up in the moment and its intensity. No one had been in this moment with us. I looked over to make sure that my move had not gone to far, and as I did my love positioned my body and mouth to take more of Joel in. I want to see you cum…go baby. He watched me for several minutes, even joining in with a light touch and squeeze.

If you have any kind of questions pertaining to where and the best ways to utilize girls on cam chat, you could contact us at our internet site. Watching him pump Joel’s cock up and down while my mouth took the head was ridiculously hot. My kiss, his hands, his kiss, my hands, at one point I let him continue to pace and moved up kissing Joel and watching him pump and twist as if it were his own.

I tuned over and placed my butt in my baby’s face. As my baby sat up, I rolled over and took Joel cock and placed it my mouth. You can appreciate what a lucky man I am, can’t you Joel. Standing first watching my man take me from behind. It was my way of inviting him to take me, and to take me now.

No one had seen or heard my screams of joy and ecstasy as my loves tongue tickled and pulsed in the perfect place bringing me to a raging orgasm. It was their turn now, and I would be the one to make them both cum. I believe it was the first time in this entire encounter where we were actually having sex.

Joel took a seat in the chair beside the bed and spread his legs. With his throbbing cock in hand, he stroked himself as he watched us move into every positions. Joel was about ready to cum, his legs shaking and his breath fast. Its okay, you can’t leave him in this state.

As he positioned himself behind me, Joel sat up and positioned himself at the side of the bed. Our bodies intertwined and our hands nearly uncontrollable. We drew Joel near us and all three embraced in a threesome of kisses, touches, licks, and thrusts. i found my self on all fours. First from behind, next I was on top and then he. I began to furiously blow him while my hands clasps his butt cheeks .

Joel stood in front of me and I took in all in while my baby fucked the shit out of me from behind. Every hard thrust, I worried that I might bite or scratch Joel, but somehow we made it through injury free. My baby was ready to blow. My baby thrusting me from behind. Release for both of us. Without a word, we looked at Joel. "Finish him off baby", I heard my love say.

"Kiss him baby" "Make Joel cum" He is ready to blow. We would never leave him in that state. Not after he had been so gentle and kind and considerate with us. I’ve never felt my baby cum so hard. Slowly guide your tongue across every inch. Up and down, that’s right.

The more he talked the harder I went at it. I can see it in his eyes. He stayed inside of me for lingering minutes and I felt is still semi hard cock pulse inside my walls. He talk me what to do with my hand and my tongue guiding me to his exploding climax. He kissed me deeply and whispered in my ear how fucking beautiful I was.

He called me baby too. God this feels so fucking amazing. Part of me could not believe that I was actually being coached to bring another man to orgasm by my own baby but it was hot as hell. We exchanged goodbyes and spoke of another encounter, perhaps with his wife.

We sat for a minute and talked, and then Joel left our bed to clean up. Kiss him and finish him off. Nearly three straight hours of unbridled, erotic extraordinary passion and love making. But I have no regrets about our decision to explore.

As I lay my tired head on the pillow that evening, I could not help but wonder:
How would we feel tomorrow when the reality of the night sank in? It was everything that I hope it would be and much much more. Knowing we talked about this, planned this together, and experienced every moment with love and respect has made me fall deeper in love.

Jesus I am about to come. Would there be regrets? I will never forget this night. Would bringing someone into our sacred space, impact us in ways we had not anticipated. Tomorrow has not come and gone, and I can’t say if we'll ever do something like this again. Our night will be one that will fill my heart on the days we are apart.