Feeling like crap

Today I am 35 weeks ans 2 days.... I was up all night, last night. I got maybe 3 hours of sleep total. I keep having headaches and keep getting dizzy. I sometimes think it is all just in my head. At my last appointment my blood pressure was up to 149/89.... I normally have low blood pressure. I hover around 110/70. The nurse thought it was high too but my doctor did not mention it. Then I left without saying anything. I went home and that night called L&D because I was having contractions. They went away with water and rest. On Friday at work I had a really bad dizzy spell with hot flashes. Saturday we spent the whole day trying to get the house ready and we did not get very far. By that night I was sooo nauseous I could not sleep at all. About 3:00 am I finally fell asleep. On Sunday we woke up early to go to mass with my parents. The nausea was back by noon only accompanied by a lovely headache. Last night I was up all night with a pounding headache and this feeling of impending doom. I called the doctors office about an hour ago and they have not called back yet. I am so not ready for this baby to arrive but I feel so terrible I cant do anything. I have to work today at 4:00p until 12:30a and I have no idea how I am going to make it!! My job is offering overtime right now and we really could use the money but I can't even make it through a normal shift... I wish the doctors office would call back so I would know what is going on with me!!!!