Feel Happier And Healthier With The Qigong Secrets Home Study Course

In our hectic lives there can be a great deal of stress and this in itself can lead to you feeling sick and leading a poor lifestyle. Emotional disorders like depression, neurosis and anxiety are rather common nowadays - health conditions are no longer a synonym for physical problems. If you are looking for a way to alleviate stress and feel calmer whilst improving your health you could follow the example of many people who have discovered Qigong. The practice, which originated from China, is known around the world for its benefits,' physical and also emotional. Let us perform a review of the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course and have a look at how it can make you healthier and happier.Marcus Santer is the inventor of the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course. His intention is to teach you control over your vital energy to bring about increased well-being, on the physical and the mental plane. You could not wish for a Qigong teacher more experienced than Marcus, given that he has been a practitioner for around 19 years. The idea with the program is to teach you during a period of 22 weeks and the lessons are delivered to you online. Each week's lesson follows on what was mastered before. Being taught in this progressive way prevents you from being overwhelmed by the totality of the course content.The material is provided in two formats, of which the written format is made up of 214 pages, while the other comprises of eight videos. The first six weeks of the course really takes you right from the beginning so that you fully grasp Qigong and how you can use it to battle anxiety. The blend of energy flow and breathing are dealt with as well as understanding how Qigong fits in with Traditional Chinese Medicine. The goal is to foster an understanding of how following the instructions of Marcus Santer, a professional, can have a positive impact on your health.Every week you do get shown a whole new Qigong exercise and since there are both video and written instructions you can be positive you are doing these the right way. Once you get to week seven and onwards you're going to be introduced to a new Shaolin Qigong pattern each and every lesson including teaching of the form and any breathing techniques needed. They are directed at helping with various parts of your body and can be helpful if you suffer from conditions such as digestion problems, migraine or rheumatism. There are other patterns which are intended to help with emotional issues like depression or anxiety. The different patterns thus give physical as well as mental benefits.Bonus material is included with the program. A MP3 recording gives help with attaining the required state of mind, and you receive aid in the monitoring of your progress with the practice. If you wish to learn about Qigong and get the benefits of its practice, the Qigong Secrets Home Study Course can help you greatly.