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Mushrooms have said , as wealthy in glutamic acid, and so the flavor is very delicious , both soup or prepare dinner, is an perfect ingredient meals. Mushrooms include human body is difficult to digest crude fiber , semi- crude fiber and lignin , can preserve intestinal water balance , but also absorb the remaining cholesterol, sugar, be excreted in the prevention of constipation, colon cancer, arteriosclerosis , diabetes, etc. are extremely favorable ; mushrooms contain tyrosinase, have a important impact on decreasing blood stress . Mushrooms may also be wealthy in protein and amino acids , so they are able to get rid of flatulence phenomenon , to cease vomiting and diarrhea. There is a delicious appetizer wholesome meals that could pierce the hunger, even though vitamin B2.
Greatest match : Rape mushrooms
Materials: rape, cooking wine , soy sauce , mushrooms, oyster sauce, monosodium glutamate , salt.
one from the pan, heat oil , saute garlic, stir the fire below the meat ;
two meat color Drizzle cooking wine , soy sauce, stir the fire down in to the tender mushrooms ;
three mushrooms turn into smooth , initial under rapeseed stalk , then the next rape leaves and continue to stir the fireplace ;
four Topic to rapeseed softened colour, transferred amount of oyster sauce, salt, MSG, fireplace sauce pan.

Purple pumpkin roll
Materials: purple rice, rice, pumpkin, yam, seaweed.
1. The purple rice and rice Paoshang 5 hrs or more ahead of time, collectively with h2o, a little bit additional than usual stew with rice, which might be additional purple Cephalostachyum http://www.mztfatloss.com/
2 pumpkin steamed or grilled ten minutes with a microwave oven, crushed in to the mud. Yam steamed (notice not suck, I steamed a yam, 50 % a pumpkin, possibly inside the fire twenty-three minutes so just a little hard to style slightly little bit more sushi rolls hierarchy)

three pave the seaweed, place steamed purple rice, let neat. In flip place pumpkin and yams.
Take note: The pumpkin duration shorter compared to the width of seaweed, so it does not overflow volume.
Feedback: pumpkin with purple deep purple golden yellow in colour rather overhangs oh. The pumpkin will help bowel perform are well known, and this sushi might help you recover quickly elevated a small pot.