Fat reduction porridge in Autumn

Oatmeal milk, Inhibiting lipogenesis
Initial place into the pot and include drinking water boiled oats, cornmeal then pour milk inside a paste, then slowly pour the polenta then Stir in oats and carry on to cook for about ten minutes you may include somewhat honey .

Oats contain quite a bit of crude fiber, gastrointestinal harmful toxins discharged extremely useful, milk lower in energy, and may inhibit lipogenesis, this low-calorie diet porridge is quite successful for fat reduction.

Soybeans thin gruel, Reducing blood stress and cholesterol
Consider about 100 grams soy, 1st soaked in water to clean half a day, then pot into soy porridge, porridge boil then include about 20 grams sesame powder, salt seasoning.

Sesame seeds, also called flax, "Shen Nongs Organic Traditional," states: "fill the five inner organs, Qi Li, extended muscle tissues, fill the marrow brain, Jiufu Qingshenjianfei not previous." Body fat soybeans have reduce cholesterol and blood lipids, so this porridge diet regime Diet regime and nourishment well being results.

Mung bean porridge rice, Detox Diet
The green beans and rice bubble in drinking water then in to the blender to crush.
Then put them in to the pot, include appropriate level of water boiled paste, pour the milk began to stir even though incorporating just a little salt, sprinkle a layer of cooked parsley on leading.

Environmentally friendly beans using a fantastic detoxifying effect, boil congee can proficiently detox slimming.
This scrumptious rice porridge and milk extra, not only strengthened its satiety, but in addition greatly increased its level of nourishment. http://www.mztfatloss.com/

Apple raisin porridge stimulate digestion
Wash and cut apples into small parts, raisins, washed, after which collectively together with the rice into the pot boiling, once the pan is about including a bit honey and sugar, also can improve the amount of its taste. http://www.abcacaiberrystore.com/
Apples and grapes are wealthy in vitamins and minerals of fruits, as well as their composition also contain nutritional fiber, pectin, and acid, to lower excess fat and bowel actions are very successful detoxification. The sweet and sour fruit porridge, stimulating digestion as well as quite useful.