Fashion ad banned for "unhealthily underweight" model

An advertisement for fashion brand Yves Saint Laurent that appeared in Elle United kingdom magazine has been banned right after a regulator deemed the model depicted in the ad as "unhealthily underweight." "A lot of individuals are searching at these ads," Marketing Age deputy managing editor Natalie Zmuda mentioned on "CBS This Morning" Thursday. "But in the fashion planet, skinny - hair care - is even now marketing a great deal."The U.K.'s Marketing Specifications Authority believed that this ad in distinct was "irresponsible," citing the model's visible rib cage, thin knees and thighs, and a pose that drew consideration to her narrowness. As opposed to the United States, the U.K. offers broad authority to ban advertisements. One consumer complaint can get an ad banned across the nation rapidly. In the U.S. the market place has all the power. "In the U.S., it is businesses that make complaints about rivals and it will take a longer period of time," Zmuda explained. In the U.K., this incident definitely sends a message to the market that these varieties of photographs will not be tolerated. The ASA is taking a stand towards advertisements that they locate damaging, misleading, or offensive. For example, an ad campaign that was currently banned in the U.K. is now on a front and center billboard in Times Square. 'Are You Seaside Body Prepared?' the ad asks more than a woman's entire body in a bikini. The organization, Protein World, says despite all of the complaints in the U.K., the controversy has aided them make sufficient money to expand the campaign to the U.S. Following all of the harmful effects these kinds of photographs have had on body-picture and wellness it is hard to comprehend how they can continue to seem in the media. 2015 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. href='' - -