Farrah Abraham Is Writing A Novel And She Has The Notes To Prove It (video)

"So http://www.fairartists.com/farrah-abraham-attempting-comply-her-life this click here! is what it looks like to be a New York Times bestselling writer," she says, after telling fans she's too busy becoming the next Ernest Hemingway to even bother with putting on makeup. "I've got my little laptop, notes yep, I write on a notebook" No judgment here, Farrah. Taylor Swift totally writes her songs by hand, and while she may not have a place on the New York Times bestseller list (hey, a girl can dream), she does have a few awards on her resume, you know, like some Grammys or whatever. What we're trying to say is Farrah, you're in good company. But being a successful wordsmith isn't just about doodling your thoughts with hearts over the i's books don't write themselves, after all. It takes a lot visit the site of research to become an expert on a topic, but thankfully Farrah's googling skills are solid. "I have a million pages pulled up on the computer," she adds. While it sounds like Farrah's made some serious progress, don't get too excited just yet this sure-to-be classic won't hit shelves until after the new year, which unfortunately means Santa won't be leaving you a copy this Christmas. Full story: http://www.wetpaint.com/farrah-abraham/articles/2013-12-13-teen-mom-writing-book-novel