Famous Twins - The Top Ten List of the Most Famous and Not So Famous Twins of All Time

8. The Siamese TwinsChang and Eng Bunker were two conjoined twins from Thailand (formerly known as Siam) that immigrated to the Southern United States. They became world-famous. Their condition and birthplace (Siam) gave http://Lisa-Ann.easyxblogs.com - http://Lisa-Ann.easyxblogs.com - rise to the term "Siamese Twins".Despite being joined together, the original Siamese twins enjoyed successful lives. They became rich farmers, married (two non-identical sisters), had children. Incredibly, the Siamese twins were accepted as respected members of White pre-Civil War society and were even slave owners.Their conjoined status created some oddities in their personal lives. When the twins first married they set up a communal household but their wives did not get along and so the twins set up separate homes, with the twins dividing their time between each home.9. Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake had a twin sister Laura Katherine who died shortly after birth. He sometimes mentions her in the liner notes of his CDs.10. Patty and Selma BouvierThese gorgeous ladies are the surprisingly single twin sisters of Marge Simpson, on the cartoon show the Simpsons. If any twins out there are looking for love, these gals are a great catch!