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We had a decent, smart guy in Vinny from Staten Island;replica ugg boots for women a New Paltz grad who planned to head to law school, Vinny was our levelheaded Virgil through this spray-tan inferno. (Initially, at least.) In Ronnie we had a sensitive hulk, a Puerto Rican/Italian mix from the Bronx whose overstuffed muscles were the object of lust for many a Shore girl. But of course his heart belonged only to one, Sammi "Sweetheart," a pretty and perky nice girl with the hidden but easily revealed temper that makes for good reality TV. (Of a certain kind, anyway.) There was the cute trickster Pauly D, whose Providence provenance made him a bit of a tri-state poseur,Fake Ugg Snow boot but who made up for it with humor and sick DJ skillz. He had good, sly chemistry with the secretly intelligent wild girl Jenni "JWoww," a girl with no Italian blood in her but a true dedication to the cause nonetheless. And then, of course, we had the true breakouts: Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, a total dweeb who tried desperately to pass himself off as cool (and as younger than he clearly was), relying solely on his rippling physique to gain him entree into what he saw as the Shore's inner circles. He was a fascinating study in male desperation, a nice guy at heart who primps and preens and coins partyboy phrases in a vain attempt to become a player. (He later developed a drinking problem, darkening his goofy persona considerably.) Lastly, there was Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, a tiny dynamo of a thing adopted from outer space by way of Chile. Snooki made a drunken mess of herself early on, but she was also game and endearing; Fake ugg classic cardya bit bratty but rarely unfriendly, Snooki was the strange orange heart of the show when it began, and she became its biggest star.There was also Angelina, a grumpy sourpuss who stormed out during the first season because she didn't want to work the required T-shirt shoppe job and then couldn't make it through the second season when MTV kindly invited her back. And there was Deena, Angelina's replacement who played a role here and there, but never really connected. It was mostly about the originals. About Sorrentino's dumb made-up terms — "grenade" (an ugly girl your wingman distracts so you can score with her friend), "GTL" (gym, tan, laundry — the important prep routine of any good guido). About Sammie and Ronnie's drunken (ex-)lovers quarrels. About Snooki's strange blundering — especially when she was famously punched in the first season by a man in a bar, a clip that MTV aired in promos but, following protest, blacked out of the actual episode. These people became overnight phenomena, borne up by their easy if volatile chemistry, self-propelled by being so eager and expressive about explaining a lifestyle that always seemed a little made-up. We allowed them their world of Bamboo nightclubbing and hot tub filthing-up as long as they'd bring us along,imitation ugg boots show us around the place, try to bring some clarity to this subset of people that exist only in this one relatively small geographical area. Sure, we were "shocked" by the crassness of it, by the booze and the brawling, but there was something hospitable about it, too.