Explainer Videos: How To Know When You Need One

Do your website visitors know what your business or nonprofit does? Are they absolutely crystal clear on what problems you solve and how you solve them? If the answer is no (or maybe), then youve got a big problem. People wont buy from you, or support your nonprofit, if they dont have a solid understanding of what you do. But theres an easy solution: an explainer video, a short, cute video that clearly and simply communicates what problems you solve, and how you solve them. Heres a great example we just finished creating this explainer video for Seeding Labs. Take a look:

Seeding Labs is a nonprofit that oops, I was just about to explain what Seeding Labs does. But thats totally redundant because if you watched the video, you know exactly what Seeding Labs does. And you know how effective an explainer video can be. In less than two minutes, this one lays it all out: whats the problem, whos got the problem, and how Seeding Labs is solving the problem. The catchy music, sympathetic voice and quick, simple, constantly moving graphics help to convey the emotional content Seeding Labs needs you to get: how unfortunate it is when scientists cant conduct their research, how important it is when they can, and ultimately, how critical Seeding Labs work is.

How Will Seeding Labs Use It?
Seeding Labs will be using this video to begin presentations. Theyll post it on their website and promote it on Facebook. Its already on YouTube. Anywhere and everywhere they need people to understand what they do, theyll use their explainer video. Because, after people watch it, they get Seeding Labs. Totally.

Explainer Videos Are Not As Simple As They Look
You might assume that because the video is so simple, its production was a snap. That would be incorrect. NO explainer video is a snap to make not just because of the actual production (music, voice, graphics) but also because of scripting, which is the hardest part of an explainer video. Scripting is why its critical to work with someone who does not already understand your business. Why? Because the better someone understands your business or nonprofit, the harder it is for them to explain it simply and succinctly.
Dont believe me? Ask your CEO to come up with just 200 words that explain your business or nonprofit what problems you solve, who has those problems, why solving them is important, what life is like when theyre solved. Or try it yourself. Yeah, you can do it in a couple pages, but 200 words? You know so much about your company and your product that you have a LOT to say, and you cant say a lot in an explainer video. You external link have to keep it very, very simple.
There are different approaches to explainer videos - for example, the dry erase videos that have become so popular. Or, the AfterEffects style we used to make the Seeding Labs video. But regardless of how you decide to make the visual content, the story your video tells must be short, focused, and engaging.

Confused Minds Won't Buy Your Product
So if you find yourself answering a lot of questions that people would not be asking if they understood your product, then you have a problem you absolutely must fix before you move on to any other marketing activities. Because marketings golden rule is a confused mind always says no. For people to say yes to your product, you must begin with helping them understand your product. You have to explain it to them simply, cleanly, and quickly.
Which is why you need an explainer video.

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