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2009 is the year that we see Apple, the growing popularity of mobile app storesand smartphones provide a perfect storm of adoption, carrier revenue realizationLOS ANGELES--(Business http://Taylor-Jean.blogtur.com - Taylor Jean - Wire)--Leading market research and consulting company JBB Research(ww.jbbresearch.com), which specializes in the mobile and telecommunicationsindustry, today published its latest report, "Mobile Adult Content: The USCarriers` Secret Garden," which provides the first industry-wide look at mobileadult content from the provider and carrier access standpoints. JBB Researchpredicts an exponential rise in mobile adult content given the increasingopenness in mobile networks, the growing popularity of sexting and off-deckcontent, and the expected rise in all-inclusive data plans offered by thecarriers. In the coming years, the line between on and off deck is likely tobecome blurry as mobile app stores continue to gain momentum. This report by JBBResearch is the first comprehensive look into the expected growth potential andassociated actions by carriers to adult content in the United States. While U.S.carriers are currently lagging behind U.K. carriers when it comes toimplementing robust age verification systems, we expect the U.S. to catch upwith its European counterparts in the coming years. A number of factors willkeep that number from being as high in the United States but a number of factorscould result in a similar sales environment in the United States in the comingyears if several measures are taken by carriers and key U.S. telecomorganizations. Among the report`s key findings:

* 2009 is set to become the year when mobile adult content start gainingsignificant traction off deck. The emergence of small application developersfocusing on mobile adult content for mobile app stores should remain a keydriver. * By 2013, mobile adult content users will be able to enjoy a full mobile webexperience across various platforms (Cell phone, PC, Laptop, digital camera, settop box, video consoles, slingbox, etc), network types (e.g. 3G, LTE, WiMAX,WiFi, etc.), and business models (e.g. subscription-based, ad-based revenuemodel, a-la-carte), and with the best QoS anytime anywhere. * With the growing popularity of off-deck content, the growing adoption ofmobile web, carriers' migration toward mobile advertising, and an open-networkenvironment, it will become critical for carriers to offer more robust contentfiltering tools/parental control tools, and legitimate age verification systems.* As smartphones become more advanced and affordable with advanced live videostreaming capabilities, we expect to see the emergence of new types of mobileadult content services like mobile video chat. WiMax, WiFi, and LTE, are set tobecome key drivers here. * As mobile advertising continues to gain momentum in the U.S., we expect to seethe emergence of rich ad-funded or ad-supported mobile adult contentservices/content. This should help drive the price erosion, and drive theadoption of mobile adult content services.

"Mobile adult content is similar to adult content in the PC environment in themid-90s," said Julien Blin, Principal Analyst and CEO of JBB Research. "How thismarket will evolve depends on a number of factors unique to the United States,but we believe it will evolve rapidly if more robust parental controls and otherkey measures can be implemented." In this report, JBB Research ranked and assessed the strategy of the leadingplayers (e.g. carriers, content providers/content aggregators) in the U.S.mobile adult content and services space. We also described the mobile adultcontent ecosystem. We also talked about the current and future trends as well asthe future key growth drivers and inhibitors in the U.S. mobile adult contentmarket. General and specific recommendations are also provided. JBB Research is a leading market research and consulting company specialized inthe mobile and telecommunications space. ACS CommunicationsAnne Coyle, +1 857-222-6363Directoranne@acscompr.comCopyright Business Wire 2009