Exit Planning Online Resources for Small Business Owners

Maryland, USA (April 15, 2018) – ENNIS Legacy Partners introduces Exit Planning Online Resources for small business owners on their ExitReadiness.com platform. ExitReadiness.com was developed to help small business owners learn how to put a strategic plan in place for maximizing the value of their business and exiting on their own terms and conditions. The Exit Readiness Academy course, which costs $99, provides owners with a framework and process for building value and exiting successfully. It has been developed by the planning experts at ENNIS Legacy Partners and designed for busy business owners to afford them the opportunity to maximize business value, avoid failed expectations when they exit, achieve their most important post-exit goals, transition their businesses on their own terms and conditions, and save both time and money by engaging the right professionals.

Pat Ennis, Founder and President of ENNIS Legacy Partners, had this to say, “We want to help business owners maximize business value and help them exit with success on their own terms and conditions, and leave their desired legacy.” He added, “We often hear this from business owners - I’m not ready to plan because I’m not ready to leave - and our response is always the same, if you wait until you’re ready to leave before you begin planning, you’re not going to be ready and neither will your business be ready.”

ExitReadiness.com also offers a FREE Exit Readiness Assessment that is based on a 12-page report, ranking the readiness of a business and owner for exit in four key planning categories – finance, planning, operations and revenue & profits.

For further enquiries about Business Value Acceleration and Exit Planning, visit exitreadiness.com or ennislp.com.

About ENNIS Legacy Partners

ENNIS Legacy Partners is a fee-only consulting firm, serving small business owners as well as leaders of non-profit organizations. Our planning process begins with clarity of the business owner’s core values and financial, business, philanthropic, and legacy goals. We then identify planning gaps, make recommendations, and help coordinate the critical touch-points between major planning areas and needed expert advisors. We can also act as Project Manager for a comprehensive exit plan.

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