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There is an endless choice of exercises to include in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG2f3nBBw6c - p90x before and afters - a weight training program and they can all be quite effective if performed with proper technique and intensity. However, some exercises have a far greater positive impact on the body and should be included in your training program each week. If a range of goals can be achieved from just one movement then it becomes more efficient and more effective than an exercise that has only one specific goal. We are talking about Free-weight, Compound Exercises.What Is A Compound Exercise?A compound exercise is a movement that occurs through two or more joints in the body involving a range of muscle groups. It is a synchronised, coordinated, team-effort and is an effective way to build muscle strength, size, tone and fitness.Example: The Squat - this a compound free-weight exercise that delivers resistance and movement through the hip, knee and ankle joints engaging a diverse range of muscles.Movements that occur through a single joint are called Isolation Exercises. They can be very useful but are inefficient as limited muscles are involved.Example: Leg Extension - this is an isolation exercise that only affects the muscles used in knee-extension (the quads).What Are The Benefits Of Employing Compound Movements?* They are time-efficient because many muscles are trained http://www.beachbodycertification.com/p90x-certification/what-is-it - http://www.beachbodycertification.com/p90x-certification/what-is-it - in a single exercise. If you are using isolation exercises more are required because fewer muscles are involved. Example: A 'Push-press' trains the shoulders, triceps, quads, glutes and a range of ancillary muscles. If you were performing isolation exercise to train these muscles you would need to do 'lateral raises, tricep extensions, leg extensions, hip extensions' and more to emulate the same amount of muscular stimulation. * There is a greater capacity to build mass and strength. This is because heavy loads can be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG2f3nBBw6c - p90x before and afters - applied safely with the pressure divided between multiple joints and muscle groups all contributing varying levels of force. * Inter-muscular coordination is learned through different muscle groups and joints interacting to execute a large, complex movement with synchronised efficiency. This means that the muscles become a powerful team that work well together. * There is a reduced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BG2f3nBBw6c - p90x ab ripper - risk of injury (if good technique is always applied). With compound movements the load and stress is shared between many muscle groups and joints. During an isolation movement a single joint must handle the lot. * You must build a strong core and mid-section. If you intend to lift heavy weights with good technique and intensity your abdominals, lower back and the inner muscles of the spine must be strong. Focussing on compound exercises will stabilise your body and keep you safe. Build up the weights slowly and engage your abs and core all the time. * A positive hormonal environment is created when big muscles are stimulated with big exercises. When you focus on the big exercises larger amounts of growth hormone and testosterone are released into the system to support your body's battle with the heavy weights. * The cardio-vascular system is more heavily involved because the greater amount of large muscles working in compound movements require increased quantities of blood and oxygen. This of course must be supplied by the heart and lungs.Page 1 of 6 :: First | Last :: Prev | 1 2 3 4 5 6 | Next href='http://www.articlebiz.com/article/488127-1-unleash-incredible-muscle-mass-with-these-10-awesome-compound-exercises/' - http://www.articlebiz.com/article/488127-1-unleash-incredible-muscle-mass-with-these-10-awesome-compound-exercises/ -