Exclusive: Easy Forex Wields The Axe As Seven Employees Are Made Redundant

Weekly Forex Trading Forecast: Its Fed Taper Versus BoJ Stimulus Next Week

According to one particular source who asked to remain anonymous, Easy Forex has made seven employees within its Cyprus operations redundant. Business is down, as are volumes, and things do not look good. A dramatic claim indeed, to which Chief Marketing Manager of Easy Forex, Hillik Nissani, answered that: This is a focus thing. In an interview with Forex Magnates, Mr. Nissani confirmed the move and explained that, This is part of a process that every healthy company that wants to accelerate its growth is doing focusing its resources in the places that generate the most profits. We are just making sure we have the right people in the right places. Mr. Source: http://forexmagnates.com/exclusive-easy-forex-wields-the-axe-as-seven-employees-are-made-redundant/

Ahead of the coming week, Investing.com has compiled a list of these and other significant events likely to affect the markets. Monday, January 20 Markets in the U.S. are to remain closed for the Martin Luther King Day holiday. Tuesday, January 21 Canada is to produce data on wholesale sales and manufacturing sales. Wednesday, January 22 The Bank of Canada is to announce its benchmark interest rate and publish its rate statement and monetary policy report. The announcement is to be followed by a press conference. Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/forex-usdcad-weekly-outlook-january-20-24-cm319247

Forex: Confidence In The Dollar Wavering

Bloomberg [video] 1-on-One: Randee When Randee was on the show almost 5 months ago, she had racked up $20,000 in credit card debt and paid it off go twice. When she did it a third time, she came to Suze for advice. Suze helped her discover ... CNBC Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas discusses two exchange-traded funds that plunged last year and are rebounding this year. Bloomberg Radio's Catherine Cowdery reports on Exchange Traded Funds. Source: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/weekly-forex-trading-forecast-fed-010900108.html

USD/CHF rose as high as 0.9120, the highest since January 9 and settled at 0.9100, 0.60% higher for the day, and extending the week's gains to 1.20%. Elsewhere, the pound moved higher against the dollar on Friday after data showed that U.K. retail sales rose 2.6% in December from a month earlier, the fastest rate of increase in nine years. Analysts had expected retail sales growth of just 0.4%. GBP/USD rose to highs of 1.6310, the strongest since January 14 and was last up 0.42% to 1.6420. For the week, the pair rose 0.20%. Source: http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/rupee/forex-weekly-outlook-january-20-24_1027434.html

Forex - GBP/USD rises on strong U.K. retail sales data

These are two themes that could handcuff the forex market while the Fed gets to soak up every indicator between now and the next Federal Open Market Committee meeting at the end of the month. The near-term dollar price action is most certainly being dominated by the weaker-than-expected tone of the employment report, especially in light of the strong yield-fueled-dollar rally in the preceding week. With little evidence to draw upon, investors will be hard-pressed to change their views on a dollar dominating with a yield advantage. Some view the dollar pullback as an opportunity to establish more USD longs albeit at better levels. Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/deanpopplewell/2014/01/14/forex-confidence-in-the-dollar-wavering/

Forex - Weekly outlook: January 20 - 24

Therefore, while I may get some small slippage on the odd trade, it is very unlikely the slippage is even enough to hurt my trading day, let alone the account (but yes, it could happen). I also generally only trade the EURUSD (or other very popular pairs) during the late London session or early US session when liquidity is at its peak. My broker also provides a MetaTrader plugin which automatically places stops and targets. I set what I want the stop and target be (in pips) and when I enter a trade the stop and target are automatically set. If I want to adjust the target slightly once in a trade I can just drag the order to the price I want, right on the chart. Source: http://www.examiner.com/article/forex-day-trading-with-1000-or-less

Forex Edge Model Shows Investors How to Succeed in the Currency Market

Meanwhile, the greenback remained under pressure after the Department of Labor on Thursday said the number of people filing continuing unemployment claims rose back over three million to 3.03 million, up from 2.85 million, in the week to January 4. U.S. employment data is being closely watched by investors since the latest nonfarm payrolls report showed that the economy added just 74,000 news jobs last month, well below expectations for 196,000. However, the number of initial jobless claims fell by 2,000 last week to a six-week low of 326,000. Sterling was also higher against the euro, with EUR/GBP retreating 0.70% to 0.8271. Source: http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/rupee/forex-gbpusd-risesstrong-uk-retail-sales-data_1026678.html

Forex Day Trading with $1000 (or less)

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