Exam Stress

I've two things on my mind at the moment.  One is the fact that I've got an exam coming up sometime soon so I'll be taking a test tomorrow to see what my weak points are.  With the depression and forgetfulness I'm experiencing at the moment, I feel totally ignorant.  I suppose I had the chance to revise a bit today but I know nothing would have sunk in.  I've explained this to the tutors and they've been very understanding.  I'll just have to go with the flow I suppose and if I pass, I pass and if I don't, I don't.  The second is the pending appointment I'll more-than-likely be having with my GP sometime soon.  I discussed a few things with the neuropsychologist at the hospital that I've never mentioned to the GP before.  I'm afraid of what he'll say and what, in turn, I'll say to him.  The sooner the wheels are in motion though, the better.