Exactly Where Would You Stand In the Actual Mac OS versus Microsoft Windows Fight?

Within this article we provide you a reasonable assessment of the 2 biggest operating systems in the world.

If you want to use your computer alongside a bunch of external devices you are going to have better options with Windows. When you buy a Windows 7 based computer, for example, your CPU will usually come with built in blu-ray as well as readers for multi-format cards and memory sticks. Many people like to connect their PCs to their televisions, and to do this with a Mac requires a special converter. Computers that have Windows 7 installed, though, are usually able to directly connect to your TV set. This makes it easy to watch any online videos on your television. With the exception of devices made by Apple, computers with Windows have a much easier time being compatible with external devices than computers with Mac OS.

If you follow what happens in technical news, you have probably started to hear things about the next major upgrade to the Windows OS: Windows 8. For some people this is going to be a major blip in the entire Windows Vs. Mac debate because, apparently, when this new release comes out it is going to have some amazing new features. Windows 8's biggest advantage over Mac is that it will afford users the ability to use their computers like they would use tablets because it will have a highly functional touchscreen. There are also going to be options for using keyboards and mouses the traditional way. Obviously, at the time of this article's writing, Windows 8 was still something people could only look forward to. It's release date is still slated for 2012 at the earliest. By that time Mac will undoubtedly have developed something that will rival it.

When you use computers for work or school, the chances of those computers being Windows OS based are high. If this is actually the case, then getting your own Windows OS computer is probably going to be a lot more convenient for you because you'll be able to use the same programs at home. For example, if you regularly share files with PC users that becomes more difficult when you use a Mac. It has never been easier to move back and forth from Mac to Windows based PC and back again because the newer software is more compatible than it has ever been and Bootcamp allows Mac users to set their computers up to run like Windows PCs. However, if you are typically working with programs and files that are Windows based, you probably won't get any advantages from choosing a Mac computer. Macs are more popular than they have ever been, but the truth is that most schools and corporations and major organizations employ Windows.

There are many reasons why you might prefer either Windows or Mac OS. While we've looked at some of the benefits of both, when it comes down to it you have to make your decision based on your own needs, preferences and budget. Whether you like Mac or Windows OS better is going to depend upon what kind of design, interface and structure you need from your computer.