Exactly Just How I Suddenly Lost My Intellect

I was experiencing a bit tepid the alternative evening, and made the decision to get something to snack on, something to eat. Now, when I get ravenous, I usually go to the store and buy some raw materials to cook with. But I didn't feel like cooking, I wanted to consume something that had already been prepared.

So I made the decision to head downtown on my bicycle, and see if there was something that I can do. I happened into this pub, because it sounded like some audio was coming out.

But as I walked inside, a magic spell was cast upon me. It was some kind of magic hypnotism that was making my poor brain spin around like a spinning top or something else that spins really fast.

When I woke up the next morning, I was right in the middle of a far away land, where not a soul spoke a word of English, or any other language. I didn't get home for some time, I even grew a long beard in the process. That's the problem with walking into some unidentified hypnotism. You might have this or something even worse happen.

Now, the people in that far away land were pretty friendly. If you are fascinated in seeing more things, have a look at some of the video tutorials down below, for more amazing experiences that no person will believe.

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