Ex-dental Assistant Charged With Prescription Fraud

Dental assistants at risk of lung problems

Ash St., has been charged with using stolen prescription pads to obtain drugs. Goldsboro police say Tiffany Nicole Nelson, 30, of 1125 Bryson Drive in Greenville, will face two counts... Please log in to see full story. Email address: To read more: http://www.newsargus.com/news/archives/2014/02/05/exdental_assistant_charged_with_prescription_fraud/

The findings are based on questionnaire responses from 799 female dental assistants. The researchers asked the women how often they performed tasks like mixing dental fillings and sealings, and whether they'd been diagnosed with asthma or frequently suffered respiratory symptoms -- like a stuffy nose, cough or breathlessness. Overall, the study found, women who'd been exposed to methacrylates every day for the past three months were nearly three times more likely than less-exposed dental assistants to report adult-onset asthma. They also showed higher risks of nasal symptoms and work-related coughing. The risk of respiratory symptoms appeared to grow the longer women had been on the job, and those who'd suffered allergies as children seemed particularly susceptible. To read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/2007/07/06/us-dental-assistants-idUSCOL66195320070706