Everythings going fine then..

Ok, i think I'm going to log my emotions in this journal.. duh. but yeah, probably just to note how i feel because i know my memory is bad, or atleast my emotional memory. i tend to forget how i felt so make the same mistakes over and over again.
Ok, so the past 2 days have been great. Well yesterday I got a little crazy for a while and took it out on M, then right away felt bad in a way that calmed me down. I knew I shouldve taken it out on M. Anyways the rest of the day went awesome I was pretty great.
Today was going just as great until at evening I came down for tea and M was talking to A. The reason why I'm feeling bad has got to do with the fact that I thought everyone was ignoring, well i didnt feel they were ignoring, but they didn't automatically engage with me. I know I'm crazy, i didnt put much effort it engaging myself too but arghh. I should not have been that sensitive, i mean, i was just picking up false signals. there wasnt anything. Ah well, that was enough to make me down for the rest of the day. :\ I know im so weird, and I want to fix all this. Just want to be normal.
Hoping logging everything down in this journal will help me over time when I can look back, see and make sure I don't repeat my mistakes.
All for now, log laters..